A husband who embraced his wife for at least 10 seconds every morning will panjangumurnyafive years.
Motivational expert Datuk Dr. Mohd. Fadzilah Kamsah said, the fact based on studies by an expert in German about the relationship between touch and health stage.
“Someone could be a long life if embraced his wife every day kerana hug and touch the humanbody can cause the release of various hormones, including endorphins are good for health.

“However, as a Muslim we should not forget the doom and death lies in the hands of God,”
Endorphins is a kind of chemical that acts as a drag reducing pain and anxiety. Clearly, in addition to having a positive effect in terms of scientific and health touches, hugs and jokesSenda between husband and wife is also a sunna of the Messenger of Allah

He added, there are studies in the United States (U.S.) also found the husband’s arms canreduce cholesterol levels and increase
health of the wife. “Therefore a husband who wants his wife to lose weight is recommended hughis wife more often,” he greeted with a hearty laugh by the seminar participants. Obviously he,full of sex based on a sense of loving care can also help couples to stay young and attractive.

“Women who have a good sex life and happiness will be more inclined to adorn themselves,”said Fadzilah.
“GOD Hears more than u say, GOD answers more than u ask & GOD Gives more