A site that is suppose to be a nest of hackers in China have recently closed by the government of the Bamboo Curtain countries. “Black Hawk Safety Net” is a site that provides various training modules of the largest hacking and sells a variety of malicious software downloads, downloads, used as a “weapon” by hackers.

The site is believed to have successfully recruited thousands of members online hackers, and train them as crackers, crackers (malicious hackers) who are ready to send attacks and trojans all over the world. With the trojan, which has infected a computer controlled and can be controlled remotely by hackers.

According to the BBC website quoting the China Daily and the Wuhan Evening, Black Hawk Safety Net site has recruited more than 12 thousand hackers who subscribe, and about 180 thousand hackers who sign up for free to the community. This community also successfully collected more than 7 million Yuan (about USD 9.6 billion) of their membership dues.

According to PCWorld, quoting People’s Daily (Chinese Communist Party’s official newspaper), police in central Hubei Province began to track down his Black Hawk Safety Net after discovering several members of hackers using malicious programs provided by the site.

Not just close this site, the Chinese government even arrest three people suspected of being a site manager. This is the first arrest made under the revised regulations that prohibit criminals China penyebarani design and hacking tools on the internet.

Last month, Google’s China into the spotlight after threatening to shut down its operations in China due to a series of attacks by Chinese hackers. However, China rejected the government’s involvement in the attack.

China alone has about 350 million internet users which is the country’s largest Internet user in the world today and has a volume gain in the field of search engine, which is estimated to be equivalent to U.S. $ 1 billion (approximately USD 9.4 trillion) last year.

From the value of it, Google captured about one-third share of the search market in the country, while the search engine Baidu controls more than 60 percent market share.