A scientist of discovery as powerful as Gallileo, Newton and Einstein who proved the link between the Qur’an and the design structure of the human body is Dr. Ahmad Khan. He adalahl ulusan Summa cum laude from Duke University. Although he was a rising young scientists, visible only to God and his love for genetic research. His office is decorated with calligraphy, paper-paper awards, stacks of dog-eared books and scriptures are often opened, indicating that it is a combination dariilmuwan and lovers of the Bible.

One of his findings that shocked the world of science was the discovery of information other than construction Polypeptide yangdibangun of DNA codons. The first verse that encourages research is the letter “Fussilat” verse 53 which is also corroborated by the results of the discovery of embryology expert Professor Keith Moore of Kanada.Penemuannya was inspired when Khatib Jumatmembacakan prayers at one of the verses that have anything to do with science biologi.Bunyi verse are as follows: “… Sanuriihim ayatinaafilafaaqi hatta wa fi anfusihim yatabayyana lahum annahu ul-haqq …” Which means; Then will We show signs kamipada power of nature and within themselves, until it is clear to them that iniadalah truth “.

Dr initial hypothesis proposed. Ahmad Khan is the word “ayatinaa” which has a meaning of “Verses of Allah”, is described by Allah that there are signs of His power also in humans.According to Ahmad Khanayat-verse God is also in the DNA (Deoxy nucleotides Acid) manusia.Selanjutnya he thinks that there is a possibility of the Quranic verse is part of a human gene. In the world of biology and genetics are known amount of DNA that is present without producing the protein at all. Area without the production of this so-called Junk DNA or DNA DNA sampah.Kenyataannya according to Ahmad Khan, a far cry from maknasampah.According to the results of his research, Junk DNA is a strand of the words of God as creator and as tandakebesaran God for people who think. As insinuated by God; Afala tatafakaruun (if you do not want to engage in meditation or using the mind?).

After working with his brother called Imran, an expert in systems analysis, laboratory genetic gain from government projects. The project was originally intended to examine the genes of intelligence in humans. Ahmad Khan with his hard work trying to find Arabic letters that may be formed on cromosome darirantai human codon. Until such combinations result in Koranic verses. Finally, on January 2, tahun1999 at 2 am, he found the first verse “Bismillah ir Raheem irRahman. Iqra bismirrabbika ladzi Khalq “;” read the name of your Lord who created “. The verse is the beginning of suratAl-A’laq which is the first letter of Allah revealed to Prophet Muhammad in the Cave of Hira. Surprisingly after the discovery of the first verse is another verse appear one by one quickly. Until sekarangia have managed to find 1 / 10 verses of the Koran.

In an interview quoted “Ummi” edition 6/X/99, Ahmad Khan stated: “I believe this amazing discovery, and I am risking my career to this. I discuss my findings with my two colleagues; Clive and Martin is a geneticist yangselama cynical about Islam. I wrote to two other scientists who had always been allergic to Islam is, and Larhammar from Uppsala University in Sweden and Aris Dreisman from the University of Berlin.

Ahmad Khan then collects his findings in a few sheets of paper that many contain the genetic code codon at cromosome human chain, namely: T, C, G, and A nucleotides each code will result in the Arabic alphabet which, when assembled will be the word of God very impressive.

At the end of the interview Dr. Ahmad Khan told “I hope publication of my book” Qur’an and Genetics “, increasingly aware of the Muslims, bahwaIslam is a complete way of life. We can not separate religion from political science, education or art. Hopefully non-Muslims realize that there is no point contrasts ilmudengan religion. Likewise, the nursing sciences. The author hopes there will come a generation steeped in the principles of nursing prinsipilmu unearthed from the religion of Islam. It can be started from good intentions of the policy holders (decission maker) who are Muslims both in educational institutions or at government level. Facilitate and support morally and financially.

The opening curtain liver Pharmacologists Thailand

Tajaten Tahasen Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of ChiangMai Thailand, have recently declared themselves converted to Islam while reading the papers of Professor Keith Moore of the United States. Keith Moore is the Embryology of the leading experts from Canada, citing Surat an-Nisa verse 56yang explained that the burns were deep enough not to cause pain because sensory nerve endings have been lost. After pulangke Thailand Tajaten explain his findings to students, students eventually as many as 5 people declared themselves to Islam.

The sound of Surat an-Nisa, among others, as Berkut: “Surely those who disbelieve the revelations of us, someday we will enter them into hell, every time kulitmereka burned down, we replace them with leather yanglain skin so that they feel the pain Penalty. Surely Allah is Mighty, Wise. ”

Viewed in anatomical layers of our skin is composed of three lapisanglobal namely epidermis, dermis and sub cutis. In Sub Cutis layer contains the ends of blood vessels and nerves. In the event of combustio grade III (severe burns that have penetrated the subcutis) one sign that the loss of pasien.Hal pain is caused because it was non-functioning of the ends of the afferent and efferent nerve fibers that regulate the sensation persefsi.Itulah why God regrow skin damaged in saatia torturing servants who disbelieve that these servants of God are dapatmerasakan pain of punishment. Almighty God who telahmenyisipkan word his word and get some greatness by the body cells, chromosomes, blood vessels, nerves etc. vessels.Rabbana makhalqta batila hada, Yes … God does not exist at all that you create it in vain.