Leaving Sin Prayer Fardhu:

1. Fajr: one-time leave will be included in hell for 30 years equal to 60,000 years in the world.
2. Noon Prayer: a sin if left together with Muslims killed 1,000 people.
3. ‘Asr prayer: one-time leave his sin the same as close / demolish ka’ba.
4. Evening prayers: one-time leave his sin equal to adultery with parents.
5. Evening prayers: one-time leave will not be in ridhoi Allah lived on earth or under the skyand from the joy of eating and drinking.


Spoiler for punishment:

6 Torment Leaving People in the World Prayer Fardhu:

1. Allah blessed reducing its age.
2. Allah will make sustenance.
3. Allah will remove the sign / light pious from her face.
4. People who left the prayer has no place in Islam.
5. Good deeds he had done did not get a reward from Allah SWT.
6. God will not grant her prayer.
Spoiler for punishment:
3 Torment People Leaving Fardhu Prayer When Facing his agony:

1. People who left the prayer will face in a state of abject agony.
2. Died in a state that is very hungry.
3. Died in a very thirsty.
Spoiler for punishment:
3 Torment People Leaving Fardhu prayers at the Tomb:

1. Allah SWT will narrow as narrow as the narrowness of his grave.
2. People who left the prayer will be very dark grave.
3. Tortured until doomsday comes.

3 Torment People Fardhu When Leaving Prayer Meeting God:

1. People who left the prayer on the Day of Resurrection will be shackled by the angels.
2. Allah will not look at her with affection.
3. Allah will not forgive sins and the sins will be very painful punishment in hell.