Before the apocalypse comes, what is now done by the angel Isrofil?
The answer, Moderate cleaning his horn. Perhaps that is in our minds like an angel’s Isrofil artists who absorbed wipe his little trumpet before appearing on the stage.
Actually like what the hell horn – or commonly also known as angel trumpet-Isrofil it? About six years ago a group of scientists led by prof. Frank Steiner of the University of Ulm, Germany observe the universe to find the actual shape of the natural universe is a common reason for this prediction to say that the universe is round circular or other predictions mention just a flat shape.

Using an advanced equipment that NASA named “Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Prob” (WMAP), they get a very surprising conclusion because, according to the results of these studies the universe was shaped like a trumpet.

Where in the horn back end (see the universe) is a universe that is not observable (unobservable), being the front, where the earth and the entire solar system is a universe that is still likely to be observed (observable) (see figure universe form below).

-Shape of the Universe

In the book Tanbihul Ghofilin Volume 1 thing. 60 there is a long hadith that tells about events that end at the beginning is very interesting to observe.

Abu Hurrairah ^ ra: The Prophet Muhammad said: ^

“When God had finished the heavens and the earth, God made the trumpet (trumpet) and submitted to the angel Isrofil, then it put its mouth, looking forward to the Throne, when was he governed.

I asked: “O Messenger of whether the trumpets?”

Prophet replied: “Like a horn from the light.”

I asked: “How much?”

Prophet replied: “Very large bulatannya, for the sake of God who sent me as a prophet, it is an area of ​​great bulatannya heaven and earth, and will be blown up three times.

First: Nafkhatul faza ‘(for scary)

Second: Nafkhatus sa’aq (to kill).

Third: Nafkhatul ba’ats (to revive or awaken). ”

In the above-mentioned hadith that Isrofil angel trumpet or horn was shaped like a horn and made of light. Bulatannya size width of heaven and earth. Shapes like horns reminiscent of the trumpet of people – those ancient times made of horn.

Sentences covering the heavens and the earth can be understood as a measure that includes / covers the entire sky area (as a natural symbol of unreality / ghoib) and earth (as a symbol of the real nature / Shahadah). Or in other words, angel trumpet Isrofil sphere that extends from the circular nature up to nature ghoib real.

If keshohihan hadith above can be proven and the data obtained by WMAP could be accounted for accurately and it stands to reason that we are like rama – Rama who live in the middle – the middle of the caldera’s most active volcano ready to erupt at any time.

And God has told us that Isrofil angel trumpet the awesomeness in suras An Naml verse 87: “And on the day when the trumpet in the brass, it was troubled all in the heavens and everything on earth except those who are in want of God. And they all come before him with humility. ”

The creature let alone the heavens just may be surprised that in fact the earth being much weaker and smaller. In the above hadith connection there is a little preview of what kind of shock and fear of creatures of the earth someday.

“At tergoncangnya earth, man is like a drunken man fall so that mothers containing abortion, which forgot to breastfeed their infants, children – children become gray and demons – demons running around.”

There is an intriguing question, if the horn was as big as that, what about peniupnya and how also the Creator of both? O Thou Almighty Allah, Allahu Akbar!