Surely already know all of the seven sins, the term is is 7 Deadly Sins. Seven sins are:

1. Pride or Pride (superbia)
2. Greedy treasure or Greed (avaritia)
3. Excessive sexual desire or lust (luxuria)
4. Jealousy or Envy (invidia)
5. Voracious eating / excess in eating or Gluttony (Gula or gullia)
6. Anger or Wrath (ira)
7. Laziness or Sloth (acedia)

TS want to share well here, anyone demons responsible for 7 of this sin. here we go!

1. Lucifer (Pride)
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In Latin, the word “Lucifer” which means “Bearer of Light” (from lux, Lucis, “light”, and “Ferre”, “bring”), is a name for the “Morning Star” (the planet Venus when it appeared in the early hours ).
Lucifer according to the stories used to be an angel but eventually lowered to the ground for opposing the Lord, that when it started to create Adam (already in the know, in kitab2, he is portrayed as a devil who opposes so punished forever).
Well, pride is what ultimately gave birth to pride Lucifer “lined up” be responsible to transmit this sin. =)

2. Mammon (Greed)

Mammon is a demon of greed, wealth and inequality. The people who worship Mammon which is equivalent to greedy people on the money. Well the picture above shows Mammon is holding money / possessions in her lap (that means cheap) and stepping on someone’s head (it can mean stepping on worshipers or can also be’re stepping on someone else for his wealth).

3. Asmodeus (Lust)

Asmodeus is the demon of lust and therefore responsible for the sexual desires of people play. It is said that people who fall into Asmodeus way will be punished forever in hell the second level.
He oversees the seventy-two demons troops under his command. He was one of the king of hell under Lucifer.
He is depicted with three heads appeared, the first is like a bull, the second like a man with a crown, and the third like a ram. He has a snake tail, and fire issuing from his mouth. In addition, he sits on top of a hell dragon, holding a spear.
so, hati2 for fans of sd BB BB +13 +50 in kaskus.hehehe ..

4. Leviathan (Envy)

Leviathan is one of the seven princes of hell and the gates of hell in his mouth (Hellmouth).Leviathan is identical with the great sea monster. Leviathan was one devil is said to tempt men in commit blasphemy. Blasphemy can be interpreted as revenge reasons arising out of envy or malice to do with anything.

5. Beelzebub (Gluttony)

Beelzebub, is the name of one of the seven kings of hell and is described as the god of flies.She invites a person to eat a lot, expensive, greedy, and picky eaters. It looks small sin, because only a problem eating, but it turned out to be a great sin.

6. Satan / Amon (Wrath)

Well, if this would all already know, so a brief explanation TS love ya.
He is the embodiment of the antagonism that comes from the Abrahamic religions. He eventually led to anger which is detruktif and cause of sin. Examples of the consequences of this sin is to kill (can also kill other people for worship).
However, the most severe of this sin is suicide.

7. Belphegor (Sloth)

Belphegor is described in two different models: as a beautiful young woman when the world or as a hideous demon with horns and a beard a sharp fingernail.
He often said to be also gained wealth as a devil with a sly grin. He encouraged anyone to get rich the easy way and if necessary by cheating. An example is corruption. Well, after the rich, it is time to laze around without work. Laziness, for we usually can become a habit. The simplest example is to delay the work and keep looking for an easy job with great results.
so, be careful with the consequences of passive income (in order to malas2an) or things that smell ya agan2 money game.