Twitter is increasingly boisterous. In Indonesia, the number of users continues to rise exponentially in the past one year.

In the same month last year estimated to number only 500 thousand, but now has more than 5 million.

With the number of users for it, Indonesia was ranked the two countries with the most Twitter users in Asia.

Google Data issued on February 20, 2010 shows the top ten countries in Asia with the highest number of Twitter users are:

1. Japan: 9.9 million
2. Indonesia: 5.1 million
3. India: 4.2 million
4. South Korea: 1.5 million
5. Philippines: 1.3 million
6. Thailand: 910 thousand
7. Malaysia: 910 thousand
8. China: 680 thousand
9. Singapore: 240 thousand

So what does it mean user statistics and rank it? For businesses and marketers, the rise of number of Twitter users can be seen as a fast-growing market. And that means rising potential and business opportunities. The larger a population, the more rapidly growing business, and more and more goods / services that can be sold via Twitter, as did Dell.

Manufacturers of computers that can be called as a successful example of companies that use Twitter as a marketing tool. With your @ DellOutlet identity, the company is able to attract 620 thousand followers (followers) and earned U.S. $ 2 million in just six months, or twice the income of the previous year.

How Dell’s success? It’s simple. Dell is really close to consumers by opening an account at Twitter. He chatted with the “pekicau”, answering his questions. He also shares the latest info regarding new products or provide solution when customers complain. And most often, offer a discount program.

One example of “chirp” @ DellOutlet is “20% off any Dell printer outlet. Expired 6 / 2 or after 1st 500 redemptions “. It contained clear and concise, but enough to tempt the hearts of potential buyers. Not surprisingly, the chirp-chirp like this, Dell’s followers continues to grow every day. The followers do not want to miss this new news about special marketing programs or discounts from Dell.