A baby in Dagestan, Russia, made ​​the team doctor that confusion. Ali Yakubov, nine-month-old baby has a peculiarity in which the whole skin. Peculiarities in the form of Arabic script asthe holy Quran verses in red on the skin surface.

As reported by the pages of The Sun, Tuesday, October 20, 2009, the strangeness of itvisible on the surface of the skin of a child from a mother named Madina.

Beginning at birth, infants parents with the pronunciation of God saw the writing on the baby’schin. Parents are the baby was absurdly confused.

But suddenly, some time later writings that appear in other parts. Parents baby see the writingappeared on the back, arms, and stomach of the baby.

Surprisingly, the family claimed that before the advent of new writing, writing that the old willdisappear first. This incident took place about every two times a week.

Team doctors can not explain about this mysterious condition. However, doctors refused toissue a statement that the writings were created intentionally by someone.

The baby’s biological mother, Madina, said she and her husband also changed during thismysterious condition. She and her husband also turned into a religious right after a ‘miracle’of this.

Madina confirmed, any new posts will appear, the child suddenly changes his favoritephysical. He was suddenly sick, high fever, and continued to cry.

Now, Ali Yakubov the center of attention of residents in Dagestan, southern Russia. A member of the local council, Akhmedpasha Amiralaev, saying this kid is a special sign from God.

“God sent him to Dagestan to give orders to the rebellion in the republic should be stopped immediately,” said Akhmedpasha.