The beauty of violet tinge in the sky mourning the Gulf city of Padang, West Sumatra afternoon at 18:30 pm October 8, 2009 and then made Indra Rinus stunned.

Rinus who worked as a boarding officer at the company’s tankers, then took his camera and capture the scene in the Gulf of mourning from the ship.

Once satisfied, Rinus rushed down from the bridge wing tankers to perform evening prayers.Rinus itself was in the desert because it was assigned as a boarding officer on board tankers that supply fuel to Padang, and served from 4 to 9 October.

As a newcomer, Rinus was amazed by the natural beauty of Padang had seen, so after praying, Rinus did not waste any more time looking at the results jepretannya.

“One by one I observed with sekasama the photos I have taken. It is remarkable indeed, Padang has gone unmatched natural beauty. It’s beautiful, I smiled to myself because had just realized why nearly every time I eat at food stalls Padang rice always see landscape painting taped to the walls of the stalls. This time the answer, I’ll always remember kampuang page nyo, “joked Rinus.

However sampail on slide 30, Rinus surprised to see the image that appears on his laptop screen which looks mauve tangible form a human face with angry expression. “And when I see none,” the story of Rinus.

The face was full has a pair of eyes, nose and mouth gaping. And even more surprised he found a line of words in Arabic writing.

“Knowledge of the Arabic language I did not sophisticated student graduates Cairo-Egypt, in the violet. I have read the writings of Muhammad and Allah, but because I still felt between the believer and not believe and called two senior officers who accompanied me this afternoon in the shooting, and their answers were the same as what I baca.Wallahu a’lam bishshawab. I’m just sharing it, “said Rinus.

“Whatever is readable and documented in the code behind the secret of nature, I am so grateful for Allah Subhanahu Wata Ridhonya style,” said Rinus.