They said: “O Dzulkarnain Lo Ya-Ma-juj juj and it’s people who make mischief in the land, then can we provide a payment to you, lest you create a wall between us and them?”
QS. Al-Anbiya: 96 “Till, when opened (wall) Ya-juj and Ma-juj, and they all fell rapidly from a high place. Come closer and have been coming true promise (Day of Resurrection), then all of a sudden terbelalaklah the eyes of those who disbelieve. (They said): “Woe to us, we are indeed heedless of this, we are even people who are wrongdoers.”
Ya-juj and Ma-juj in Hadith From Zainab Bint Jahsh-wives of the Prophet Muhammad, said: “The Prophet got up from his sleep with his face flushed, then said:” There is no god but God, woe to the Arabs of the crimes that have been close on the Day of Judgement , (namely) has been opening and closing Ya-Ma-juj juj like this! “he put his fingers. (In another hand gesture form 70 or 90), I asked: “O Messenger of Allah, will we be destroyed even though there are righteous people?” He replied: “Yes, If a lot of ugliness.” (Narrated by Ahmad, al- Bukhari and Muslim)
Types and Origins of Ya-juj and Ma-juj in QS. Al-Kahf: 94 Ya-juj and Ma-juj according to experts there who called isim lughah musytaq (a root word of Idioms. Arabic) is derived from the AN-NAR AJAJA mean flames. Or from the AL-AJJAH (mixed / very hot), al-Ajju (fast hostile), Al-Ijajah (water emanating loudly) with wazan MAF’UL and YAF’UL / FA’UL.According to Abu Hatim, Ma-juj Maja derived from the chaos. Ma-juj juj derived from the Mu-Malaya. However, in the opinion of the authentic, Ya-juj and Ma-juj musytaq but is not isim isim ‘Ajam and surname (nickname). The scholars agreed that Ya-juj and Ma-juj including the human species.
They differ in determining who his ancestors. There is no mention of the loin Adam and Eve or Adam from the U.S. alone. There is also a mention of the loin from the descendants of Noah Syis AS / At-Turk, according to the hadith of Ibn Kathir. As described in the chronicle, U.S. Noah had three sons, Sam, Ham, Syis / At-Turk. There is another that calls the descendants of Noah Yafuts Bin. According to Al-Maraghi, Ya-Ma-juj juj and comes from a father that is Turk, Ya-juj is the At-Tatar (Tartar) and Ma-juj is al-Maghul (Mongol), but this information is not strong. They lived in eastern Asia and the master of Tibet, China to Western Turkistan and Tamujin. They are known as Genghis Khan (meaning King of the World) in the 7th century H in Central Asia and conquered China Eastern. Bin Quthbuddin conquered by the King Khuwarizmi Armilan and continued by his son Aqthay. “Stone” children brother exchanged with the Russian state in 723 H and destroy Babylon and Hungary. Then replaced Jaluk and Roman-occupied with the child replaces his brother Manju, who replaced his brother Kilay conquer China.
Hulako subduing his brother Muslim country and dropped Baghdad during daulah Abasia when Caliph al-Mu’tashim led Billah mid-seventh century AH / 656 AH Ya-juj and Ma-juj keturunannya.Menurut were a lot of myths, they do not die before seeing his son a thousand guns. They obey the rules of society, manners and its leader. Some call them boned very high until a few meters and there is a very short up to several centimeters. That said, their ears are long, but it is unfounded. In the QS. Al-Kahf: 94, Ya-juj and Ma-juj is the harsh and barbaric.
If they pass through the township, membabad all that hinders and damaging or killing people if necessary. Karenya, when Dzulkarnain came, they asked for the fort so that they can not penetrate and disturb the peace of residents. Who Dzulkarnain? According to the Western version, Dzulkarnain is Philips Bin Al-Iskandar al-Yunany Maqduny (people Mecedonia, Greece). He ruled for 330 years. Build Alexandria and pupil of Aristotle. Combat Persia and married his daughter. Holding an expansion into India and conquered Egypt.
According to Al-Syaukany, opinions on the hard sell, as this suggests he is an infidel and philosophers. While al-Quran says: “We (Allah) fortified in the earth, and We gave him for everything.” According to Muslim historians Karb Dzulkarnain is the nickname Abu Al-Himyari or Abu Bakr Bin Al-Ifraiqisy of daulah Jumairiyah (115 BC – 552 AD .).
Kingdom called At-Tababi’ah. Dubbed Dzulkarnain (owner of two horns), his power is very broad, from the horns of the sun in the west to east. According to Ibn Abbas, he was a righteous king.
He is a wanderer, and when he reached between two mountains between Armenia and Azzarbaijan. At the request of residents, Dzulkarnain build a fort. The archaeologists found the fort at the beginning of the 15th century AD, behind Jeihun in Balkh and the expedition referred to as “Babul Hadid” (Iron Door) near Tarmidz. Tamerlane had passed, as well as Shah Rukh and German scientists Slade Verger. Klapigeo Spanish archaeologists in the year 1403 H. Been sent by King Qisythalah in Andalus down there and visit on Tamerlane.”Babul Hadid” is the connecting road between Samarqindi and India.
Many people think that’s the wall made by Zulkarnain in Surat al-Kahf. And called Gog and Magog are the Mongols from the North that damage and destroy the lands they conquered.Let’s look at the continuation of Surat al-Kahf verses 95-98 about it.
Zulkarnain meet the demand of local residents to make a parapet. He asked for iron ore was poured into the valley between two hills. Then ask the fire lit up the iron melts. Then be a smooth metal walls can not be climbed.
There are three different things between the Great Wall of China and the Wall Zulkarnain.First, the Chinese walls made of large stones arranged, instead of iron. Second, the wall was built gradually over hundreds of years by the kings of the Han Dynasty, Ming, and so on.Connect-connect. Third, in the Al-Kahf verse 86, when met with a people in the West, God says,
“O Zulkarnain, it’s up to you whether to torture you, or you give the good in them.” That is, Zulkarnain received direct revelation from God, while the Chinese kings were not. So it is clear that the wall of China was not mentioned in Surat al-Kahf. So in manakan Zulkarnain wall?
Abdullah Yusuf Ali in his interpretation of The Holy Qur’an writes that in the districts of Hissar, Uzbekistan, 240 km southeast of Bukhara, there is a narrow gap between rocks. Located on the main route between Turkestan to India with the ordinate 38oN and 67oE. The place is now called buzghol-khana in Turkish, but the old Arabic name is Al Hadid chapter. The Persians called dar-i-ahani. The Chinese call it tie-men-kuan. Everything is meaningless iron gates.
Hiouen Tsiang, a Chinese wanderer had passed through the iron-plated door on his way to India in the 7th century. Not far from there named Iskandar Kul lake. In 842 the Abbasid Caliph, al-Watsiq, sent an expedition team to the iron gate. They still found the gates of the mountain 137 m wide with a great column on the left and right beams are made of cast iron with liquid copper, depending where the giant door. Just like the letter al-Kahf. In World War II, said Winston Churchill, British leader, recognizing the iron gate.

Approximate Location of the Iron Wall Set
Whatever about the existence of wall coverings, he is evidently exist today in Azerbaijan and Armenia. Precisely at perunungan very high and very loud. He stood erect as if flanked by two very high walls. The place is listed on the maps Islam mahupun Russia, located in the republic of Georgia.
Al-Sharif al-Idrisi confirmed it through a history of research conducted Sallam, the research staff at the time of Caliph al-Watsiq Billah (Abbasid). That said, Al-Watsiq ever dreamed of a barrier wall that was built to imprison Iskandar Dhul Qarnain Gog-Magog open.
The dream was encouraging Calif to know about the wall that time, the exact location as well.Al-Sallam Watsiq instructed to find out about the wall. It was accompanied by 50 people sallam. Research is costly. In Nuzhat al-Musytaq, geography books, works of al-Idrisi, Al-Watsiq cost 5000 dinar for this study.
Sallam entourage left for Armenia. There he met Ishaq bin Ismail, the ruler of Armenia. From Armenia he went again to the north into the Russian regions. He brought a letter from Isaac to Sarir ruler, then to the King of Lan, and then to the ruler Faylan (the names of these areas are not known now). Faylan authorities sent five guides to help Sallam up to the mountains of Gog-Magog.
27 days wading Sallam debris Basjarat area. He then came to a vast area of ​​landless black and smells bad. For 10 days, Sallam passed through the stifling it. He then arrived at the mess, uninhabited. Sallam cicerone told that the area is an area that was destroyed by the Gog-Magog past. During 6 days, walking towards the castle. The area was uninhabited and are behind the mountain of the Gog-Magog are.
Sallam then go into the mountains Gog-Magog. There he saw the mountains which separate the valley. Broad valley about 150 meters. This valley is closed iron door in the wall about 50 meters.
In the Nuzhat al-Musytaq, Sallam picture on the wall and the iron door is mentioned in great detail (you who want to know the shape of the details, please read: al-Musytaq Muzhat Ikhtiraq fi al-Afaq, the work of al-Sharif al-Idrisi, p.. 934 -938).
Al-Idrisi also told that according to the story surrounding mountains Sallam residents usually hit an iron door locks 3 times a day. After that they put his ear to the door to hear the reaction from the door. Apparently, they heard the screams echo from within. It shows that in the door really no kind of human beings who supposedly was Gog-Magog.
Gog-Magog himself, according to the narrative of al-Sharif al-Idrisi in Nuzhat al-Musytaq, are the two tribes descendants of Sam son of Noah. They are often intrusive, invading, killing, other ethnic groups. They are troublemakers, and often destroy an area. Community sue tribes of Gog and Magog conduct to Alexander Dhul Qarnain, Macedonian king. Alexander then led (drive) them into a mountain, then closed with walls and iron doors.
Toward the Resurrection, the door will be broken. They come out and make a world of trouble, until the descent of Prophet ‘Isa al-Masih.
In the Nuzhat al-Musytaq, al-Sharif al-Idrisi also said that Sallam once asked residents around the mountain, did anyone ever see the Gog-Magog. They claimed to have seen hordes of people at the top of the wall coverings. Then the wind storm blew threw them. Residents there saw their bodies are very small. After that, Sallam home via Taraz (Kazakhstan), and Samarkand (Uzbekistan), then the city of Ray (Iran), and returned to the palace in Al-Surra Man Watsiq ra’a, Iraq. He later recounted in detail the results of his research to the Caliph.
If according to the narrative in the book of Ibn Battuta Ibn Battuta Rahlat mountains of Gog-Magog was about six-day journey from China. This narrative does not conflict with al-Sharif al-Idrisi. Because in Northwest China is Russia’s regions.