Dating a younger man (popcorn) can make a mention of young women. Even if true may be just a coincidence because scientists have proved the contrary, it actually lead to death more quickly.

Among celebrities, dating trends popped quite popular. This kind of love story symbolized by marriage with Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, who was 16 years younger.

According to a study conducted in Germany, so the age gap can lead to stress in women. Not a matter of differences in mindset as many feared, but rather the social pressure of the environment that trigger stress.

Quoted from ScienceDaily, Friday (13/05/2010), people tend to think women should marry a man my age or older. Non-compliance with these norms will lead to feelings of guilt, so that his life was not happy.

Such conditions are unfavorable impact for women who marry young leaves aka popcorn. Surely if someone is unhappy then his health declined, and the edges will not be long life.

The results of a study of 2 million couples in Denmark is confirmed these allegations. Women who marry men with the age of 7 years younger to have 20 percent higher risk to die sooner.

Conversely, men who have wives younger life expectancy grew longer. Having a wife with a difference in the younger age of 7-9 years can reduce the risk of dying prematurely compared to 11 percent if you have a wife the same age.

“The best option for women is to marry a man my age. Because her husband are getting younger age, lower life expectancy, “said Sven Drefahl, scientists from the Max Planck Institute that conducted the study.