Author: Muhammad Isa Dawud
Table of contents
A few Muslim Such About Genie
Is there still the Devil At This Age?
Vehicle and Vessel of Light Satan, and not creatures Space
Extraterrestrials and Little Secrets about it
Exploring the Bermuda Triangle
Formosa Leadership Triangle and the Devil
About Magician David Copperfield
The collapse of the notion of presenting ghosts / spirits wandering.
In a book titled Hiwar Shahafiy Ma’a Muslim Jinni
written by experts spiritual nationality Saudi Arabia Isa Muhammad Daud.
With the intermediary of the human body, he has managed to have a conversation
with the Islamic religion djinn, and enshrine in a
In conversation he tried prying information
it be great mysteries among men, one of which
is about the lies that have been successfully implanted by the
Devil in human hearts that the spirit of the dead sometimes
bergantayangan in the world (against the schools ‘day of vengeance of the grave’).
The other, which will be discussed here is the mystery of whether /
who the UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) which is considered a creature
outer space come to earth. While even today there is no
definite theory of the experts that there was indeed a planet in this universe
inhabited by creatures other than humans.
This has already become one of the special projects the FBI, CIA and NASA
until now the results are still in the form of assumptions and theories while only about
UFO creature who exactly it.
There will also be parsed information from him about what exactly is a mystery that
stored in the Bermuda Triangle that has removed some
ships and aircraft. Until now a scourge of the region
among humans to pass through.
A few Muslim Such About Genie
Jin Muslim dialogue with the author is from Bombay, India.
Previously he was the followers of other religions.
180 years old according to his confession. According reportedly after he
Islam, followed by about ten thousand Jin, which is
guards and escorts. Jin is a great leader,
have influence and authority dikalangannya, in Bombay.
With the effort spent energy, time and cost is not small,
author finally managed to invite him through the body of a man to
ended up doing a conversation with a successful record and
immortalized in a book.
Is there still the Devil At This Age? (Some translations of the book excerpt
We all know who the ancestors of creatures that cause kakeng
our Prophet Adam and his wife Eve were expelled from syurga by Allah SWT.
3.Adalah a completely new to this world, with the permission of Allah, contains
many new findings startling, at once a response
for various problems during the confusion of scholars and
scholars in the world, although it is very difficult to beat in the research
scientific. However, all this is mere truth, and truth
also who would like the author handed to the Islamic world in particular and the world
mankind as a whole, more specifically again to researchers
who wants to find answers to the problems
it’s confusing. With it the authors hope that they are free from
confusion and no longer spend millions of dollars. Just to
shooting through the satellite and destroy the places where
full of mystery.
Should no one among readers who think that
author of this scientific prize handed with ease. For penulispun has
spend substantial funds, to the maximum extent that can be provided
to bring the Muslim Jin who always shy away from me during the
period of hiding.
Penulispun must sweat and brains in my discussions
with him, because he was not willing to fulfill my invitation. He really
fear of assassination attempts against him by the Devil and
his followers.
Therefore, sometimes he pretended to fall asleep, as a ploy to avoid
themselves from enemy siege-musuhnnya.
Finally, belief and my belief in God, too, who could
convince him to see me. I also have to teach
her faith, insisting that whoever fears Allah,
then God will make all things fear him. While people
who do not fear God, then it will make him afraid Allahpun
to everything.
I also assure him that wiles the devil has no meaning
in nisbatnya with a Muslim who believes in Allah, whether he
Jinn and humans.
Then, suddenly there was the following dialogue:

(The letter ‘J’ is Jin. While the ‘P’ is for the author)
Q: “Have you ever seen the Devil?” Ask me
A: “Once, once when I was a kid, and some times when I
was a teenager and before I embraced Islam. ”
Q: “For what you face the devil, but then you still
small? ”
A: “I’m not going to see of my own volition. But
my father took me to see him, so he (Satan) gives
blessing to me. ”
Q: “May God curse him, and all praise to Allah who has
engaku endowed with Islam. ”
A: “Thank God, thank God, I had converted to Islam …
Q: “Tell me how to shape”
A: “The shape is yes, like a genie that has been I tell you. Will
but God gave him and his curse keturunanya
a bad way, though he incarnated in the form of bias
only. He has a very short tail, about 4-6 cm or less.
Q: “Is the tail is generally shared by all the jinn, or
only to the Devil and his descendants alone? ”
A: “Thank God, only the devil and demons are the children and grandchildren have
tail like that. Looks like they are special creatures. While the genie,
did not have a tail as you imagine. Tail demon
not all cats or other animals, as
been described by humans. ”
Q: “How high? Is he really a high-major,
envisaged as a temporary person for this, or is
mediocre? ”
A: “Compared with humans, around one arm, Yes,
approximately 140 to 160 cm. However, he could transform himself
in the form of a higher and larger, up to ten meters … ”
Q: “Does he have a house or a palace?”
A: “The palace has massive potential, with millions of maids, millions
guards, and millions of demons, in addition to other palaces in many
place. Similarly, the authorities placed
various central government is very spacious. ”
Q: “She also had a throne is not it?”
A: “Yes, yes,” he answered mildly surprised.
Q: “throne above the water, exactly the sea, really you?”
(Again, my best friend’s Muslim jinn amazed, and even appeared to start
fear). I therefore continued my words:
Q: “You are Muslim jinn, O my brother, and a Muslim
only the fear of God. Against a Muslim, Satan is not
find a way to bother him, for he was obedient to God.
Kaupun I think so. ”
A: “Yes, this is so, thank God, I have managed to
memorizing the Quran in four months.
Q: “if so, why should be afraid of Satan and his forces?
With the protection of Allah, you are much more powerful than they … ”
A: “Yes, yes, It’s true. May God repay you for
has taught me anything like this. Now I am more stable and
sure … ”
P: “One day, I never read a history of the followers
Dhu’l-Qarnayn, which I suspect is a Macedonian and not the
mentioned in the Quran that once upon a time, on the way
them, they got a lot of water in one place, and
behold an island in the distance. They see a people that
headed dog, fangs out of their mouths, just flames.
The followers of Dhu’l-Qarnayn get out and attack them. In
distance, they saw a very bright light, and it turns out that
is a palace made of crystal. Dhu’l-Qarnayn intends
they conquer and enter into the palace. However, Bahram,
The philosopher, forbade him and told him that anyone who entered into
the palace would have been asleep in it and will never be able to
out again, and held captive by people who are in the palace.
Some people never go to the palace whose contents are unknown
anyone. And they fell asleep, never wake again. Is not
Satan’s palace? ”
A: “maybe, yes,” he replied, “but perhaps not as well.”
Q: “That is how?”
A: “The devil has many palaces, he moved from one palace to palace
the other to manage a very large kerajaanya. Child
The greatest female also has a palace and a bodyguard.
While her children, males have a very palace
large, such as those owned by government officials. Of
where they control all activities of misleading them
against humanity, the purpose of realizing the ideals of Satan
they regard as their God. ”
Q: “Well, then where the headquarters of the devil?”
After hesitating for a moment, my friend genie replied:
A: “There, dikedalaman ocean, as is implied in God
He says in the Qur’an, two seas, and later met.
Between them is a barrier that is not exceeded by their respective
(Arrahman: 20-21)

Q: “Good friend, What do you mean is a meeting place
rivers with the ocean, or sea to sea? ”
He paused, then replied:
A: “I mean, yes, as you say itu.1”
Q: “Exactly where?” Urged me
He paused and tried to avoid. Once again I taught
her belief in God, after that I launched tembakantembakan
I base my upper range of my research. Partly
of which I will argue here, and some others will me
tell a then.
Q: “Is the devil’s headquarters is located in the Bermuda Triangle (Bermuda
His eyes suddenly looked glazed, and then he pretended to be asleep. He looked in
anxiety that I had never seen before.
I urged him to say:
Q: “Is not the devil forces and incarnation in human form,
as well as his characters, both from the humans and jinn, is the
responsible for the disappearance of planes and kapalkapal
entering the sea Bermuda Triangle, 2 especially when
First two verses mentioned by the Muslim Jin (Arrahman 18-20) asserts that the reference
is Barzakh that separates the two seas meet. The argument for that is the word of Allah SWT
presented immediately after the second verse, which is both out of pearls and Marjan
(Arrahman: 22) We know that the Pearl and Marjan just out of the sea, and not a river.
2 Dozens of planes and ships were missing in the Bermuda Triangle unnoticed rimbanya
over several years. Most of the plane that was missing was a small planes a particular type.
(A few years ago the magician David Copperfield has succeeded in revealing a missing ship
in the region, but after it cut off again) Even though the planes were lost in
an accident, but not lost the trail. In the case of loss of aircraft are included indicator
Human error, mechanical failure, bad weather, pilots and skippers are less capable.Meanwhile,
disappearance of small aircraft in an area so vast is an already
perfectly natural. From the recorded conversation which had been done before, still there are things
important that is still mysterious, which is examined later but with results that are not clear.Aircraft Star
Tiger, with no obvious causes and without sending any signals, suddenly disappeared on the date
January 30, 1948, on his way to Bermuda with 31 passengers. Plane captain (pilot) has
ensure that they would be landing soon as reasonably designated place.
Meanwhile, on December 28, 1948, a DC-3 aircraft with 35 passengers flying
of Purtorico, and meninformasikan that he was at a distance of 80 km from south Miami, and
after it disappeared rimbanya indeterminate.
On January 17, 1949 Star Areas aircraft type with the plane was heading for Star Tiger
original departure place in Bermuda. Plane captain informed that the weather is very nice,
and he will soon be in Jamaica soon. Unfortunately that goal is not reached, and he
disappeared just like that. Perhaps more interesting than the disappearance of planes is precisely
survival of a ship, but so far deviated from its original purpose. Mary Silhouet, name
The ship, discovered in December 1972 was floating in empty state.
Sseorang passengers consisted of the pastor with his wife and his children, the following 8 crewmembers.
Everything vanished without a trace.
the pilots and nakhodanya are people who do not have
“Fortress” in the face of vicious attacks? Even if they survived
It is very rare and only an exception. Is not the devil
often pretend to be someone who survived it just for
makes people unaware of their threats. To the extent that there is
of them assume that the vessel or aircraft they sucked
putting wind beliung.3
The case was seen as the most interesting case of attention, mainly because the vessel is
found no communications equipment and rescue tools. Route which he passes is New
York-Geneva. The last position was captured before he disappeared is 2 km west of the Island
Azore. But when Mary Silhouet discovered, he was close to Portugal, instead surrounding Bermuda. Despite
There are many theories put forward people for menginprestasikan this case, yet no one
that can uncover this mystery.
Another case that had recorded the events experienced by the Ship Carol Darling. This ship
approached the North Carolina coast in January 1921, without passengers one but two cats.
Meanwhile, 12 crew disappeared without a trace. Similarly, all rescue equipment.
No one can explain well why the crew of the ship leaving
ship granted. The entire ship’s machinery is still functioning properly, and other items were
should be in place. A very interesting event is that, ship it
there is a dining table with leftover food that has not been appointed. It seems that something has happened suddenly.
Even more bizarre than it is the disappearance of ships Houwitz at the same time and place.Government
United confident over several months that the two ships attacked the hijackers. Therefore,
be obtained signs of the existence of unidentified persons who entered into the ship.
The government rested his opinion on information provided by another ship that had
see Carol Darling and saw a man with a red head waving his hand
on them. It is not known with certainty whether that person was one of the crew or
instead. Passengers also informs the foreign ship has seen another ship near
Darling carol position. But they do not know for sure whether or not the vessel is Houwitz.
Bermuda Triangle events other very interesting is the loss Syklob in March 1917,
in conditions that really mysterious. The newspapers reported that maritime experts are not
believe that the largest ship in the ranks of the American fleet could be gone just like that.
. From the mysterious Bermuda Triangle phenomenon appears fanciful stories. As with
events experienced by vessels that have been presented earlier, then gambarangambaran
given people about the Bermuda Triangle was really mysterious. Examples for the
are events that occur later. Namely persitiwa happened the afternoon of February 27, 1935,
when residents Dytona beach hotel and the people who were sunbathing on the beach was struck by
a plane flying low over them, and suddenly dived into the sea. The divers from the team
SAR deployed, but they did not find any. But the people who were there
confirmed that they actually witnessed the plane that crashed in the sea. But
tracking still shows no signs of plane that crashed.
In the fall of 1967, when the cruise ship Queen Elizabeth I sailed to Nassau, two people
officers who are dianjungan witnessed a small plane secretly and suddenly
towards grabbing them and then fell into the sea. Queen Elizabeth I tried to find a plane
it fell, but did not find any signs (ibid. p. 69-70)
Muslim Jin my friend was silent. from the look on his face I could catch
that he is torn between yes and dubious opinion
me. Then he said, “Once upon a time, I will expose
to you more than that … ”
Q: “No, but I’m the one that will reveal to the world, Insha
God, the secret of the Bermuda Triangle full of mystery. You know
that I know much about it. ”
A: “The issue is as you say it.”
Q: “Actually what happened to the expedition-194, following
subsequent expeditions, which has disrupted the Triangle
Even more amazing are the efforts made by the experts in solving the mystery
with the interpretation put forward a variety of fanciful, to the point that some of them are
which says that the Bermuda Triangle is an area elekromagnetik. Such a view
interpret these events as a repetition of the interface re-peristiwaperistiwa
that once took place in the region are due to the passage of time (Time Tunnel). That is,
The region there is a radius that could repeat the events that occurred during
ago. Or in Bermuda there is one place that when the transition will occur through time and space.
The planes and ships, as passengers, passengers are still alive, but are
in another place and time.
Such a view also expressed by experts, and the most famous is Ivan Sanderson.

In a region called the Bermuda Triangle, which for periods of later dubbed
the Tombs of the Atlantic, there is a strange story was awful, which is a catastrophe
overwrite expedition undertaken by the Squadron to-19 Americans, who if not for the events
, the Bermuda Triangle would not have known the whole world and not be a project
special investigation the FBI and CIA.
On Thursday, in January 1945 five aircraft types TTB30 Finger departed from its base in Port
Louderdile in the Florida area, the United States. The fifth plane was flying a routine mission
rescue the ships that sailed the seas. When the clock struck 15:15 pm, the mission
is completed. At that time commander of the expedition of Charles Tylor Ltn air, give the command
to return to base, after successfully carrying out the task well. The five aircraft that too
immediately move to the base. Suddenly and unexpectedly came the first warning of danger.
Control tower at Port Louderdile received a wire from the command of the expedition to the 19th Air Lieutenant Tylor
Commander makes surprise Wersink dimenara responsible supervisor. Text wire
reads, “Here Lieutenant Charles Tylor, commander of the expedition to the 19th, what could be arrested …? Ask
answered … We lost the instructions to come back … we got lost … I can not see land!
I do not know the west … all that is around me confused … weird … even the area where I
are now almost unknown to me … it seems … it seems …
Suddenly a voice interrupted and kawatpun no sequel. Things were quiet and tense. Whereas
officers who are supervisors Commander dimenara Wersink experiencing tremendous strain.Menitmenit
after he received a wire, are the moments that are very hard for him. Before missing
tension that gripped him, he immediately made contact with the commander of the 19th expedition.
Finally, an answer is received: “I do not know where I was. It seems I get lost Could be heard?
Please answer … “again interrupted the relationship. Commander Wersink immediately deploy SAR Team
under his command, and ordered the immediate rescue expedition to the 19th.
With full speed, combat aircraft departed AL with 13 personnel are very
experienced in the tasks of rescue, to save the expedition. When the SAR team
was to place the destination, there was a similar incident had never suspected. It is not even
Bermuda, not the expeditions that first experience
unfortunate fate of a mysterious place itu.5
would be imagined by anyone. Because when it is at moments so critical that, all of a sudden
SAR team behind the fog mysteriously disappeared without leaving the slightest trace, except marine
silent, and everything ends up there.
Sekuadron consisting of five aircraft with 14 crew, vanished, followed by Team
The SAR consists of 13 highly experienced personnel in rescue tasks like that.
One pilot who was to escort a short distance rather than close to where
events confirmed that the existing recording devices news wire dipesawatnya also captures similar
sent by Lieutenant Charles Tylor to Forest Louderdile base which reads as follows:
“Here Lieutenant Charles Tylor … the 19 th Squadron Commander can be heard? Ask answered! Now I
know where I was … I finally know where my position! I was at a height of not less
than 2300 feet. But there is something that is not fair, No, but I see it is impossible
is a natural! Can be heard? Request Answered! Everything in front of me beregrak
towards me and blocked me. I am moved by itself … It can be heard? Ask answered!
Speed ​​of 100 miles. The entire compass walk as if controlled anything. Each
shows the different directions can be heard? Ask answered … ”
Another message that can be caught in a base radar screen shows voice Tylor Louderdile yang
addressed to the SAR team, “Do not follow me … As much as possible do not follow me … Do not
closer … “In another voice message Tylor says,” was over … do not approach
we … do not be approached … There’s no point at all! They are immigrants from outer space!
They … They are inhabitants of another planet! That’s what I see … I repeat … Everything
it’s over … It could be heard? Ask answered! It’s all over! ”
5 Vincent Cadys, a specialist in marine mysterious events, and also the first
who uses the name Bermuda Triangle, said that this area (Bermuda Triangle) is
areas that are dangerous to shipping and aviation. This area is responsible for
the loss of not less than 100 aircraft and ships, the victims reached more than 1000 people.
Most of these mysterious events occurred in 1945. At all events it is good
aircraft and marine vessels completely disappeared without a trace, and not leave the victim as
happens, for instance, the ship was hit by waves or plane crashes, which then
show floating corpses. When such an event occurred, oddly enough in the sea
circumstances cuacapun quiet and very good.
Meanwhile, Charles Berlins, Bermuda Triangle author of the book describes at length in
his last book, Without a Trace, about the loss of various aircraft and ships, yangdimulai of
Rousalie French ships passing through this area in 1940. The engine was still good and its cargo
not disturbed. But the ship was empty (no berpenumpang or unmanned), and ends with the disappearance
large cargo ship owned by the United States. Anita, with a cargo of 20,000 tons, on March 23, 1973.
Prior to that which in 1972 lost in the region are also a named Hary Silatszcky. Fate
The same also experienced by a Dutch ship, Herminea, which was discovered by a guard
beach near the ship was sailing.
Herminea seemed aimless sailing near the south coast of England in 1949. This ship was found
without a screen, which proves that he used the storm hit. But when the coast guard
The ride to the ship, it turns out he did not find a penumpangpun. It seems that the whole
passengers had left the ship screen. The strange thing is that the ship has
buoys are kept. However, there are no signs that this sailing boat
have experienced disruption. All the items are arranged neatly in place, but without passengers and crew
There is also a much more mysterious events associated with the British ship Ilian Austin. On
spring of 1881 the ship sailed the ocean on its way to the port of San Juan in
A: “Indeed, this problem had been occurring for a long time, to the extent
the fishermen feared to enter the area. Very afraid
is that the person who examined the place will they catch,
when she dared to enter the area without permission.
Q: “Does the permit can be obtained by burning incense?”
Ask me
A: “Yes, sometimes …” he replied
Q: “How?” Ask me wonder
A: “Most of them do a sale and purchase with the Devil, and
said, “we take refuge to the ruler of this place from all
mara-danger ‘. Just as he had done when people
they are going through the desert and the places that are considered
armature. Alternatively, ships and aircraft through the region carrying
a psychic who has a pact with the devil. Otherwise
Thus, it is likely that aircraft and ships, the following
his passengers, will they catch. Sometimes they are quite
capture its passengers only, for they make the material
research in the kingdom of Satan, or used as a sacrifice to Satan
indeed very happy to see human death, especially if the
end of their lives are not in Islam. The sacrifice was typically
implemented the early days of the devil.
Q: “But why should seize all aircraft and ships
is it? “Ask me not understand
A: “The ships and planes were placed in particular,
closed with a certain light to invisible, or surrounded by
thousands of demons, just the magic that brings a soldier who suddenly
threw it in front of you, and you will not be able to see it
before they leave. ”
Q: “I know that you do not want to deliver it to me
More. ”
A: “I would not say more than that,” he replied
Q: “Neither do I’ll tell you what I have learned. Will
but I will convey to the world to share my discovery yang
has cost over 10,000 dollars. ”
A: “What’s that?” He asked intently
New Finland. When he was menganrungi ocean. And much more mysterious things other
relate well to the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle and alien, which is sourced from
hundreds of eyewitnesses.
Q: “You know something, and I will know something too. In time
we will expose everything. ”
Vehicle and Vessel of Light Satan, and not creatures Space
I asked him, “What do you think about people who
said the ship of light that often appears in the ocean, and he participated
engage in “hijacking” the ships that were lost? ”
A: “What do you mean?”
Q: “They say that there are extraterrestrials, and
they who do the deeds that harm,
in the sense that the Bermuda Triangle is a research center
intelligent beings from another planet. What do you think about
is it? ”
A: “No, not them. For though I’ve done
flight more than a hundred times to various parts of space,
I’ve never seen outer space creatures. Whereas
Bermuda Triangle, some of his secrets was I to say
unto you. ”
Q: “So, you do have more information than you are saying
to me, right? ”
A: “Of course, but it’s a secret.”
Q: “Is is also a secret for me, after we do
agreement for this? If so, let us do covenant
friendship in the name of God. ”
A: “I swear by Almighty God, that I betulbetul
God likes you based on religion. I have never been
home of a man so long as I was dirumahmu
Q: “I also liked you in love as the desired
Of God. ”
Intelligent beings Besides Jin, Man and the Angel
I said to the Muslim Jin, “But somehow I
convinced of the existence of intelligent beings other than humans, jinns and angels. But
they are on another planet instead of our planet. ”
A: “Nothing wrong, God Almighty know about it. But what
dalilmu? “He said turning to ask
Q: “rational argument is in my mind, and postulate the Qur’an that I
know about. ”
A: “Tell me, teach me what Allah has taught you.”
Q: “About them, Allah says, it is Allah who created the
seven heavens and the earth as such. Commandments apply to him,
that ye may know that Allah has power over all
something, and that Allah, his science actually encompasses all
something. (Atthalaq 12)
A: “Do you think the earth is also seven?”
P: “the affirmation of the verse, it is.”
A: “There are also creatures like us?”
Q: “Is something like that is difficult for God to create it,
whereas Allah has said, Behold business it was,
if God wills something, then so be it. There are still arguments
rational. ”
A: “What’s that.” He asked
Q: “Does not make sense that an architect who built
102-story Empire Building, which she says is the building
world’s highest, was only able to build just one building? ”
A: “Absolutely not,” he replied
Q: “So as it was also the case. Allah SWT has undoubtedly
create a variety of creatures. Not important for us to know
everything. Sense because we are not going to. Is no doubt
that the seventh of the earth mentioned in the Quran is not
created without any purpose. And that he was inhabited by
creatures that could be older than us, and may be more
higher science than ours. Because, otherwise, why each
the prophet Muhammad entered a village always say, “O Allah, Lord
Baying-seven heavens and the shadow he showed, the Lord of seven
earth and its inhabitants, God did the devil and misguidance,
Lord of wind and hembusannya, we beg thee kindness
This village and the goodness of its people, we seek refuge from thee
crimes, crimes occupants, all that is evil
therein. This is the proposition that the earth was inhabited by seven
something we do not know. Allah knows about all this.
A: “Is there any evidence of communication that has been advanced that
planet earth with humans? ”
Q: “Many events have occurred. But I believe that
relationship is the relationship between the genie that has been advanced, or,
he asserted that the genie had been subdued to do something bersama13
same people who become leaders. Therefore, the features that you
mention of these creatures are very similar to the characteristic
jin. Most of them were huge. I also know that the genie
can manifest themselves in a high-major figure, in addition to that
they are often fragrant aroma. ”
Sahabt moment I paused, then said, “It is true, the figure and
like aroma and flavor that is the figure of the genie. ”
Extraterrestrials and Little Secrets about it
Q: “Well, I said,” I’ll tell thee, O Mustafa,
(Genie is admitted as much) about some of the cirri and description
them, so that you can convey your opinion to me. ”
A: “Well, God willing, I will express my opinion with
in truth, “he also
Later I told him that, “One of the people
Americans who never saw a foreign object legged seven, at a time
saw a bunch of people or creatures that are similar to
humans, are dikebunnya. They hid among the trees
wine that were there. In anger, the Americans were watching orangorang
who go around stealing the garden. He could not resist
self. He was soon out of his house, and towards those who
he thinks ordinary thieves. However, when Mash, thus the name of boys
, located approximately 10 m from the hordes of thieves, all of a sudden one
a thief among them face towards it, and aimed a
existing weapons in the hands of his right. Later put the gun to
holster hanging on his left waist. Mash felt his whole body
limp, he could not move his head or other body part. He
can not feel anything for forever.
After the incident, and after can answer some
questions. Masj said that the creatures short
about 160 cm in height. His head is very large and are not comparable with
his small and short. Their heads were attached on both shoulders
they are, without a neck. Mash also said that the creatures
haired. His mouth as if a gaping hole, and his eyes like the eyes
humans, but no eyebrows. Her skin is light-colored, leather-like population
Central Europe. Both shoulders a little wider than his head. Mash
see that the two creatures that are close to have two hands and
feet. But he did not get to see the hands and soles of feet. Second
the unknown creature dressed in a humid, without
connection, and prints all over their bodies tight. Right waist
The second creature was hanging arms, waist is left hanging
large backpack.
Mash said, “two unidentified creature back into the
their plane, the height of about 2.50 m. They kept staring at him from
cockpit of their plane, which seemed made of glass-like material. Door
plane is then covered, from the bottom upwards. So that their legs
become invisible. The plane’s take-off with a light spraying
very dazzling. Then without the slightest sound, rise above. When it has
rises about 30 meters, the plane suddenly disappeared from view, seakanakan
a light suddenly went out. “6
A: “I swear by Allah unto you, that they are
Jin. However, typically, they manifest themselves in figure
taller and larger than their true figure.
Q: “Where did they come to you?”
A: “I do not know, but maybe they are the inhabitants of the space of light
contained between a red light and clouds. Or, people who
comes from the ocean floor. ”
Q: “You should see an original copy of the letter sent by the genie
Aksea named following this stamp-seal. ”
By just looking stamp marked on the
I showed that letter, my friend’s eyes
shine; then shouted, “This was a seal Jin.”
Q: “What do you think?” Ask me
A: “I have seen several seals this
times, and this is also similar. I could
tell you with ease
that this stamp is a stamp genie or
humans. In short I say that this
an act are linked by the man. Population
Omo is a resident of the country’s religious Jin AD. Stamp
they Dab here illustrated the cross with a few bars.
More than that, their nature is the nature of jinn, and they smell the scent genie.
But unfortunately, their food is like food demons.
Q: “Yes, to the extent that in some instances they describe
hands as the hands that carry out various tasks, with jarijari
in a form which clearly displayed. That is usually the
jin characteristic, besides its ability to manifest themselves in
various forms, as well as the speed of moving and using equipment
6 Sources Johannes Van Petler, which was translated into Arabic language Al-titled Qishshhah
AtthbaqAtthairah. P. 214-215.

that brought them to the speed that really difficult
trusted. In addition, they also have long hands and
big time.
Then I told him anyway, “Would you
look at some paintings that I made based on the information
delivered by an Englishman named John, which tells
about the lug itself (by Jinn) before the events of the same
experienced by a group of people who have never occurred
previously. The records were obtained through hypnosis.
A: “Right, right,” he replied
Then, after I handed him some pictures to him,
suddenly he smiled, then said, “do you not notice the face
both. He is really similar to the figure of the actual genie. Note
Similarly horn that once you ask me. ”
Q: “Yes, yes it’s true. But how well do you think about
the two images similar light shadow people? ”
A: “If this is true, then both the genie when he appeared
themselves in another form, or he was in the original figure, but
hidden behind the clothes. Both move with
sheathed the clothes. ”
Q: “What can they do this so easily?”
A: “Tentus it easy, even more easily than they appear
in human form and move with their bodies without
sheath. If I, for example, show themselves in the figure as
I now use this in front of you, then I weigh about
115 kg, and I’m still able to move lightly and easily. Then,
is difficult for me to wear that weighs only 5 pakian
to 20 kg only? It was obvious that the western world can not understand
about the extent to which Allah has bestowed to us
the ability to manifest themselves in various forms. ”
Q: “It’s so true, to the point in an event that
they tell me, they said, one among
they never saw a female-bodied bird
very strange. He was blond, but suddenly changed his hair
to black. Instead they assume that the creature has been
dyed her hair in a very short time, they even
assume that the second woman is another woman
who faced the same, or his twin brother. When in fact
both are the same woman. She is a female genie
have the capacity to change form.
So I said, “Will you listen to the story
about ditawannya Antonio da Silva, and view images
confirmed that his captors were from among the jinn. Yes,
just to add to your faith alone. ”
A: “Yes, yes it would not hurt …” he replied
Q: “The young Brazilian was left
catch fish, but
turns out he disappeared
during bermingguminggu.
Suddenly he
came back with
carry stories about
how he was arrested
by three dwarf creatures.
Two of them
wearing apparel
hard as if made
of metal. While the third creature slightly higher than the
two. Tingginnya approximately 1.25 meters. He was not wearing underwear
metals such as those worn by two other creatures. When they
place of residence of their arrival, the young man knew that the creature
The third is their leader, Brazil’s youth see no
large bulge third head creature. The leader
long hair with red color. Ends up kepantatnya.
He also saw a gelambir didagunya that extends up to
keperutnya. Eyebrows as thick as two fingers look almost cover the entire forehead.
Her skin was quite bright, round-eyed, but larger in size
when compared to the human eye. White eyes look cleaner
white rather than the human eye. His eyes always blink. Antonio
do not see any eyes perimeter. Almost the entire rest of body
covered with thick fur. His nose looks long and pointy, it appears
sticking and very different from the human nose in general.
His ears were truly symmetrical, the bottom similar to the human ear,
but the top is more rounded. His mouth is smaller than the mouth
humans, similar ikan7 mouth. When they talk to each other,
Brazil’s youth do not see any teeth in the mouth mereka.8 Yang
important to remember about this story is that a similar figure
The man has made the young Brazilian was not too scared. After
that Antonio did not remember anything and they take it to somewhere, somehow
where … ”
7 Jin Muslims were confirmed with certainty about all these cirri, and also confirms that the
Thus it is characteristic jin, though he did not see the picture.
8 In convince the Muslim Jin said, “No doubt that he has teeth, but
long form and leads up than human teeth. ”
A: “They are the genie,” commented my friend. “Shape which is
the shadows like smoke rose jin, who used to do
summoning the spirit of John Doe (deceased), or even the spirit of Jesus
and Our Lady. Overall it is an act of the devil I know
correct. I know very well how Christians use the genies that way.
Even used also by the djinn other non-Christian if people want
call the spirits of certain people. You do not forget, my brother,
that I had once embraced Christianity. ”
Furthermore, with a smile he said, “I swear
thee, O my brother, that he is a genie. Could there be a genie
do not know the people and his own people? Even all events
you tell me earlier, are events that are engineered
by the genie. The whole character is matched by their characteristic. However,
there is still something you have never sebutkan.Yakni about
motion of the creature. Because movement Jin, really, really fast
to human scale. ”
I cut the story by saying, “There are other events that
they call Palvidares case, which is perpetuated by Fabio
Therba in scientific book entitled UFOs and The Secrets. There,
Among others, we are told that there was a Latin American named Carlos
Palvidares who lives in Buenos Aires. One day left Palvidares
towards a plantation. Suddenly he saw three figures moving
over-water lake near the hut that is on the ground, without water itself
come to move. As if they are creatures that depend on
air. Palvidares they approached to within about 80 m. It turns out
The third creature was made up of two male and one female. Palvideres
calling them, so that the three creatures that look
towards it, and promptly hid it in other parts of the lake. They
as far away approximately 300m.
Palvidares really surprised, because he did not understand in what way
they move so fast. The female is about 160 cm
and dressed in black. Her hair, also black looks long when
he’s moving. Bottom of legs are a pair of fins
leading side, like wings. While the men,
both are slightly shorter than the female. Palvidares can
ensure that when the three of them standing side by side. Second
the man has a really high together. Both seemed to
naked. Their skin like human skin sun.
Apparently the two men were not naked, but wear some sort of
tight clothing that does not have a connection. Both brown-haired,
and stuck to his scalp in such a way, as if
attached with glue. Their skin turns white. Wide forehead and
small eyes. They walked without moving the hands and feet
them. As if their limbs stuck in the body
When Palvidares see them for the umpteenth time, he saw
an electric vehicle, with a very bright light. The vehicle
measuring 5 x 6 meters; with high between 2 to 3 meters. Vehicle
it emits light rays with a radius of about 40 meters, similar to light
coming out of a cinema projector digedung. Beam was about
Palvidares face, and he felt the secant-to his eyes became blind.
The heat emitted by the light, make Palvidares
closer to dissuade them. He descended into
water and tried to approach the alien creatures that up to a distance of about 150 m.
But he could not be closer again, because suddenly a wall is not
seen blocking the movement of the front. Unseen obstacles
kept pushing, no matter how he tried to fight the vehicle
continue to follow their movements with a distance of 30 or 40 meters. Brand
constantly moving from one place to another. The woman
seems to be their leader, and he was always in front.
Sekaliwaktu, when he raised his hand and pointed in the direction
electric vehicle, then one of the two male creatures
approaching the vehicle immediately pulled away from him sejarak 30 m.
After that the three aliens away quickly,
as if it formed three lines above ground. They transform themselves
in other forms that are not so obvious in view of Palvidares.
But he could see the fear pitched a pig,
Upside Down buffeted by a creature with a speed that
difficult to imagine. Soon after, Palvidares sweet smell.
Not long after, he felt drowsy and weak for some
moment. When conditions are restored, he no longer saw
alien creatures and luminous objects that have interesting
attention for more than a half hour.
Since that event, pigs and a few head of cattle who fled from
cage due to the brunt of unidentified flying objects, not
back into the cage, although there looking Palvidarestelah
come here. ”
Muslim Jin my friend smiled, then said, “What you say
of the incident? ”
Q: “Of course they are the genie,” I replied, “Movement Speed
like that, only they can do. About the veil was
seen that hinder Palvidares to close, I think it
only fear that makes him unable to move.
The smell of fragrant, it is indeed unusual odor on the jinn. Whereas
pigs and other animals that can see their form
in fact, did not want to go back to their cages, because they
know that alien friends were now settled at home
them. Young children who were aged one to two years, nine
can see the genie in their original form, as
mentioned by the Prophet Muhammad in a hadith yang
reads, “If you hear the braying of a donkey, then ask
refuge with Allah from Satan disorders. Therefore, the donkey
have seen the devil. And if you hear a rooster crowing, then
ask God’s grace, because the rooster was being
saw an angel. “10
A: “Now you already know in full. Therefore
kemukakanlah truth that you know to the world,
so no more darkness caused by the wiles genie
and the form because the allegations are wrong.
Q: “I really wonder why western scholars could not
those around them understand that there are jinn and devils, while one
one of them, namely Salvador Frexido of Purtorico, jelasjelas
admit it. In his book Mind-Inner Devil
(In Bhs Indonesia), he says, a sweet odor spread
descent place unknown creatures, does not prove
anything except that the creatures are vicious. We can
reveal it with another expression, that in many
the case of the devil coming to a place, so his arrival is not
maybe he did except the unidentified creature, besides
its ability to manifest themselves in human form. ”
Exploring the Bermuda Triangle
Jin Muslim friend of mine
said, “I want
convey to you a
very important news. America,
Britain and Germany intend
dismantle the secret of the Triangle
Bermuda. They make satellite
special new monitor
This region, in addition to satellites
9 My daughter, Ronda, yangberumur one year and three months, can see my best friend in the Muslim Jin
its essentials. He shouted, “He looks, This is it Habib …” in the dialect of babies
less clear.
10 Al-Bukhari and Muslim narrated in Shahihnya respectively. From Jabir r.a as
narrated by Abu Dawud, Jabir said that the Prophet Muhammad said, “If you all
hear the dogs howl and bray at night, then seek refuge in Allah.
Because they see something that you do not see. ”
they have lncurkan sebelumnya.11 Apparently they do not
found nothing. Try to tell them they should
do not indulge their ambitions. For existing domestic
there will never be seen, and was very old at all
age. It is not possible for you to unload
rahasianya.tetapi they will not harm you, along
you submit to God. ”
Formosa Leadership Triangle and the Devil
I also asked him, “What do you think about the area
Other so-called ‘turbulence Satan’ in Formosa, 12 which is a region
Bermuda Triangle shaped like a triangle. People call
with the ‘Devil Whirls Formosa Triangle’? This region there is also
exactly the events that occurred in Bermuda, even while the
consider it far more dangerous
A: “Is that area which is a hidden whirlpool?”
he asked
11 American Geophysical Institute Meterorologi and satellite orbit in order to uncover the mystery of Bermuda
and monitor certain places on earth. However, once upon a time, suddenly and with
very surprising messages and sounds as they travel over the arrest of Bermuda
cut off just like that. Wyne Mitchgeon professor assigned to investigate the incident. Research results
concluded that, “We’re talking about a very large force and without borders,
and we do not know anything about it. “Although the satellite is fixed send pictures of clouds and
layer of soil, through infrared rays, but the picture he sent was captured section
earth’s face. The first in Alaska and the second in Virginia. Entire message
sent an unbroken except when the satellite monitoring across the Bermuda area. Screen
monitor only the broad field looks empty and silent. But more important than it is
that the satellite sends the picture is very strange, and it happened when he crossed the region
Bermuda. Monitor screen looks a vast land that is located right in the Bermuda Triangle. This, of course,
very surprising. Is very mustahilbahwa in empty areas such as oceans and it is detected
vast land. Along with the emergence of the monitor screen data, immediately formed a team of experts
to examine the land is located in Bermuda. Unfortunately, in the region that they did not find
Whatever except blowing winds and waves. Even more astonishing is
that, in 1966, American naval re-do a survey of the territory of Bermuda.
For that dikerahkanlah detector sounds and images that are very advanced in the direction Bermuda.Ternyata yang
captured by the advanced equipment is just the sounds and bustle of the unknown, a completely
nothing to do with towing voices known to man. Finally know
them that they’re dealing with aliens who do not know other than olen
Creator. However, this first study was shocking the world.
2 Formosa is the name for an island that lies 145 km east of mainland China, which
separated by a strait called Formosa. Chinese Nationalist Formosa is better known as the
the name of Taiwan. Wide island is approximately 35,961 km2 with a capital of Taipei.Formosa famous for
position located ditenggara a triangle known as the ‘Well of Satan’, which there occurs
events involving the loss of ships and aircraft that are not less mysterious
events that occurred in the Bermuda Triangle. The peak of the triangle is located on the island of Formosa
Gilbert in the yellow sea. This area is called the ‘Tomb Ships and aircraft’. East corner of the sea
Wake Island is located on the corner While the island of Formosa tenggaranya located.
Q: “Yes, scientific evidence indicates that the area
a meeting between the flow of hot water with cold water. “13
A: “I will tell you a secret for the first time
is known to humans, “he said
Q: “Please,” I replied
A: “All of which is the meeting place of two seas, namely the meeting
between the warm water flow and water dingin14, is the region selected the Devil
and his aides as a center for royal funeral and
country … ”
I do not know, why when it occurred to me a hadith
Messenger of Allah, so I told him
13 These figures are themselves compatible with what is called the Sea Devils, the area of
its exterior calm, 800 miles southeast of Japan, which lies between the island and the island Ivojima Mark,
but less so than the famous Bermuda Triangle, perhaps because of the remoteness of the
mainland Japan. Meanwhile, the Bermuda Triangle is Akerab for the American sailors, who in
turn claimed many ships and planes. Nevertheless, Satan Sea near the Japanese mainland was also
responsible for the loss of several ships and aircraft. Between 1950 and 1954, this area
has lost no fewer than nine large ships without leaving a trace. The Japanese government is putting
attention to this area, and announced that she Projects Are dangerous areas and should not be
approached. In 1955 the Japanese government sent an expedition to bring a number of experts
towards the area by boat Kawamaru. Unfortunately Kawamaru vanished without a message.
14 An American scholar, Ivan Sanderson, who is very interested in all these peculiarities,
try to see the location of the Bermuda Triangle and the Sea Devils in the map. Turns out he saw that the two
area located just underlined longitude between 30 and 40 degrees north of the equator.Breadth
almost the same. Through this conclusion Sanderson continued his observations on other matters, and he
found that there are 12 regions in the world is similar to that. Two of them at the north pole
and south poles, while the other ten are divided into two parallelogram, located on the first line of longitude
40 degrees north, and the second line is located at longitude 40 degrees south of the equator ..
Each separate place of about 72 degrees in latitude. Places them in addition to the
Duan north and south poles, among others, are the two areas located on land. One in uatara Desert
Great Sand Africa, and another in the northwestern mountainous region of India.
Sanderson observed that the majority of these have a resemblance to each other, among other things,
it lies in a region where hot and cold currents meet, and that tempattempat
was viewed as a point-node, because it directs the flow of water up and down on the direction
the opposite, and with different temperatures, can cause magnetic waves
be a culprit for all the accident. Sanderson, however this theory is not built upon a
theorem. There is no proof whatever that a meeting of two streams of water in the opposite direction and
with different temperatures can generate magnetic waves in the earth. In addition, the theory
Sanderson also not menginprestasikan workings “Grave Satan” which is located on land.Namely, two
dikutub north and south poles, the third of the Great Desert in north Africa, and the fourth in
mountains of southwestern India.
Furthermore, this theory fails to answer the question, why the ships who are victims of
in places like that left passengers away, and where would they go? Then,
What events also seem so scary, so they leave

Q: “Is there any relation to the sense intended by
Prophet Muhammad when he forbade a person to sit
between the hot and the shade. He said ‘it
is the seat of others’, or is it merely the interpretation
Additional guidance on this prophet? ”
With a knowing smile, Jin Muslim friend of mine said,
“Yes, including things like that, or-at least-it approach. Because
Satan himself is very fond of positions that lie between
two conflicting things. The seat of the most priority
Satan is halfway between the shade and place that
exposed to sunlight, or that half are in hot
and the other half is a cool place. ”
Q: “Why should I choose things that are contradictory like that?”
A: “You, the human race, will not be able to understand it. Thus, it suffices
when I say that such a place that gives strength
the devil. ”
Q: “Do all the jinn also sit in a place like that”?
A: “No, only the class of demons that do so. Satan’s descendants
is different from Jin, even though in terms of sitting. ”
Q: “Is the devil’s palace of twelve?”
A: “I do not know, which is obviously very broad territory. May God
protect us from him and from his troops as well as from interference.
Magician David Copperfield Entang
Q: “In this context my brother, one time I ever saw a
American magician named David Coperfield disuatu
television show, and he could do some wonders that are
technically not be possible can be manipulated in any way,
such as eliminating the Statue of Liberty NY, divide the room
open (not on stage) to make children
witnessed screaming, can appear in another state other only
in seconds, flying in the open air, until
some action which was held in the Bermuda Triangle itself and
there are many more things possible “. I said, rolling her
video recordings magicnya some action.
As if to understand what I mean, genie muslin friend
I was then pointed to the television in my house, then
said, “Do you mean this young man, and that he could
free from a variety of tricks and can float in the air? ”
Q: “Yes it would be him,” I replied
A: “This man is very well known among the jinn. He has
agreement with one of Ifrit. Ifrit has troops
thousands in number, in addition to a strong five-strong as it has been
I mentioned earlier. “(Not listed in this ebook)
Q: “Looks like … sekarangmenjadi six, in addition to hundreds of thousands
forces that …, “continued my
A: “Yes, that’s what they picked up so he can Copperfield
drift a little into the air, it takes thousands of jinn to lift it.
While the girl that you saw it in the crate withheld
it, is a female genie that manifested itself in the form
a human girl. He disappeared, then showed
he returned without the slightest injury. ”
As he handed me my private documents, namely a letter
read weird letters, any agreement between the jinn and mankind, I
asked him, “Are sure sign Copperfield
agreements like this? ”
With surprise he replied, “Where did you get this?”
Q: “A Muslim has been copied from the westerns. He
say that this is an agreement between the devil himself with
a magician magician. ”
Jin loud my friend said, “No! This
nonsense. This is not a sign of approval and the Devil. Very difficult
asked Satan to be willing to consent to such a man.
At most, he sent one of his followers to show
himself as himself, then made a lie by saying,
‘I am the Devil “.
Q: “And what about the truth?”
A: “This is an authentic agreement between a magician with a four-jin
their signature was printed here, which is then amplified by
Ifrit stamp. ”
Q: “How pendapatpu about this”?
A: “I often see a seal like this. My grandfather also had a
this kind. ”
Q: “What language is used in this agreement?”
A: “I dunno, maybe the local language of Ancient Greece.”
As if remembering something, then she told me,
“But, believe me, that wizards like this at all
will not die nicely. If Allah gives us life,
God willing, we can see the end of all this mystery “.
(Additional translator: “Every person who cooperate
with the devil, be it to seek wealth or magic
worldly, then he will leave this world in a state Su’ul
Khotimah, except he repent. Because after all Satan is
God’s creatures who have needs and certainly ask for compensation
negatives of each human being is granted the request).
The collapse of the notion of presenting ghosts / spirits
Q: “Is Qarin (Jin human companion) can show themselves
in human form, both the figure and looks? ”
A: “Actually no. Because, he is a genie. However, with ease,
and because it is very old side by side with that person, then the genie
companion as it can be presented by someone, to
manifest themselves in the form of you, mimicking your voice, then
claims to admit a spirit that comes from nature Barzakh to
meet the person who called him a call, and answered
questions. In fact, he can also mimic the shape of
Q: “Well, I do believe that the present spirit of the
dead lie alone. Spiritual groups
wrestle this problem, arising from thoughts about
resurrection of the spirit that has always existed. For here it is enough if
I read the word of God which says, “They ask you
(Muhammad) concerning the spirit. Say, “the Spirit is something the Lord!”
and until when death comes to one between
them, he said, “I restore to earth, so that I can
charity … etc. “(Qur’an Al-Mukminun 99-100)
With referenced from multiple events by inviting spirits
some propagandists of modern spiritualism, like a moment
bring the spirits of the dead named Paul Hopkins,
with the body of a woman, ask for some requests
such as cigars and whiskey (translation: just like the incident
trance in Indonesia are mostly asked for a cigar, because it is said
really liked the smell of cigars among Jin)
Jin Muslim friend of mine was telling me that non-Muslim Jinns
and the devil really liked The wine (liquor), all types
The wine is no exception.
Destroyer of evil genies are already up in such a way. So that
one of them who called Silver Peres and
claimed to have seen pass Proudly afterlife,
“It does not matter whether he is religious or not, what matters is what
he did during life. Come to me one who does not
embrace any religion, who never worship the Lord, ‘drink’
taste, but honest, and always help the poor, and give
eating animals, and people who always filial. He is clearly more
better than the people who claim to embrace a particular religion … ”
Jin Muslim friend I said, “I’ll tell you something
very important, all the talk that there a genie says as
spirit that comes from another universe is a lie sebohongnya. For a lie
indeed flow in the body of Satan and evil genie In the same oxygen
flow in the human body. If I’m not a Muslim jinn, I would not
will reveal this to you. Even the demons have
remarkable ability to instill confidence about the falsity of religion
mankind with “honesty” them. Thus mankind became
wrong perception that the most important life goal is to berkasih
love alone, finally now a lot of free sex, which occurs as if
based on compassion, and several other schools of patterns that look good,
when in fact misleading.
Posts translator:
This ebook is not entirely quoted translation of the Book Hiwar Syahafiy Ma’a
Jinni Muslims, but from conversations can then be concluded that
whatever has been the myth of the demon in the form of community
kuntil children, pocong, gundrowo or even the spirit of a dead person is
is nothing but deception of the devil or an evil genie group.
They always tried to instill that into the depths of the human that
actually the grave does not exist. That there is, after death the soul can
again roam the earth, seeing relatives and “enjoy”
the natural world for the second time.
Therefore it is not rare to see someone who possessed a mengakungaku
The A and spirits occupy the house-so. Which in fact is a genie that
occupy a house or specific places and usually feel disturbed
with human presence diwilayahnya. And they use this way
so that people are leaving the place and go with a bow
knee with a genie that such behavior.
Though humans should not be obedient to the commandments of
the genie, especially with foods offered command or
Any form of offerings (offerings) that will surely continue
man plunges into the world of polytheism.
Whatever the case, the dead man’s spirit has been facing the Divine
and accountable for his deeds on earth.
Much like the genie is sometimes transformed into animal shapes such as
The most preferred are the tigers, cats and even snakes.
But it is not always the apparition can be seen most humans. In
certain conditions only (and rarely) the genie can be transformed in nature
humans in the form of animals.
And if there is a psychic who felt he had seen the genie in bentukbentuk
creepy or in the form of animals, it was essential paranormal
it is under the control of demonic magic is to be seen
according to his will. Therefore, most religions strongly oppose
utterances justify the paranormal, because the majority of them are
precisely under the control of satan which seemed to have supernatural powers and beyond
usual. So the trap of “miracle” that many people now have
caught in traps Satanic and obey what Satan commands through
Finally, hopefully this ebook bermamfaat, and still cling to
God’s commandments, and do not underestimate its command-sometimes by
spele our reason.
If we abandon God, the devil will always be stronger than us.