Not only football players who should know the rules of the game and the game of fair play,robots also need to know and understand the rules. No exception FC robot Android team from the Department of Informatics University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Moreover, the robots that will appear in a championship android robot soccer (RoboCup) in Istanbul, Turkey, next year. Dr. Sethu Vijayakumar also given a red card to one of the robots at practice last Thursday (1 / 4). The red card at a time of learning for the robot to identify what is in the vicinity.

Android FC consists of three robots as high as two feet (0.6 meters), the striker, defender, andgoalkeeper. Equipped with a special processor, the robots can react to any movement of the opponent. So, it needs the signs so as not to drop any opponent. How about hitting the referee,like a lot happens in a football player in the homeland?