Nowadays such thing as a hacker or cracker getting creative, with a variety of ways they try to penetrate your email, myspace, online accounts, web sites, even blog.Anda do not want it, if ever you are on myspace profile changed by the people? Or web site you suddenly change appearance by hackers / crackers?
One way hackers penetrated our account is by guessing passwords. Hackers use a script that can include dozens of passwords per second to try to get into our account.
The way hackers to guess passwords such as:
1.Brute force attack, ie by trying all combinations, ranging from aaaa to zzzz, until a few characters.
2.Dictionary attack, ie by guessing the use of words in a dictionary, and combined with numbers or characters.
3.Personal information attack, by entering personal data such as phone numbers, dates of birth, name of boyfriend, zip code, and so on.
A very weak password would be very easily broken by hackers this way. Example of a very weak password such as:
123456, qwerty, asdf, this is because it is easy once these people are typing on a keyboard combination.
password, mypassword, and others who use words in a dictionary (all languages).
date of birth, name of boyfriend, and another which is the data that person.
Weak passwords, can be cracked in a faster time, for example:
use all lowercase letters.
using a combination of words and numbers, for example buku10, teroris80.
replacing letters with characters, for example c1nt @

How strong passwords and difficult to penetrate the hacker?
1.Merupakan combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and characters.
2.Panjang more than 10 characters.
3.Tidak include the words in the dictionary.
Strong passwords should be easily remembered by their owners.
Examples of strong passwords: 1mAu $ 100Ribu
How to remember:
1 = word “I” translated in English (I).
want = want
$ = Cash
100Ribu = 100 thousand

How to remember:
ning = instance name of the person special to you: Naning
= panah identik dengan adalah”>-> = Arrow is identical with
0 + = symbol girl
1 = means the number one or at most
Gul = sugar is sweet
Some tips:
1.Jangan use the same password for various services, such as your email password with the password friendster. This means:
someone who can break your myspace password, can also break down your password.While in the eyes of hackers hacking friendster password hacking email easier than Yahoo.
admin or “insider” myspace know your password, he can also enter a password to your email.
2.Jangan clicking a link in an email that states you must verify your password. This message was sent by hackers.
3.Jangan enter a password in addition to our site that provide services. For example do not enter a password yahoo in myspace site for any reason (eg import address book).
4.Sebelum log into an email or something else, make sure the correct URL in your browser.For example not or or the other.
5.Untuk online accounts such as e-gold, click the BCA, paypal, you should not type your password via the keyboard (because hackers can read your keyboard with a keylogger program). Use the On Screen Keyboard, Charakter Map, or copy and paste the random letters.
Okey so these tips so that hackers compromised passwords is difficult. Hopefully with these tips on our account secure and protected from being broken.