Yes, these people say that this is indeed a magic mosque. Within a radius of tens of kilometers if you ask where the direction of “mosque magical” people will show the right direction.

That is an unknown mosque was built by whom, how many people are working on includeartisan and kulinya and how the material of cement, sand and others. In short, the mosquewas bobbed just like that and continue to “grow” up to now and always seen as “unfinishedbuilding” but not seen piles of materials and traffic passing by the workers.
However, when this rumor is confirmed to the “insiders”, it is said that the construction of the mosque – which was essentially a boarding school complex as a whole – all is transparentbecause it is done by students and pilgrims.
Rebuttal of the “insiders” was clearly emblazoned on the front desk with large writing, “If there are people who say that this is tiban cottage (cottage appears by itself), built by the Jinn etc..,It is not true. Because this building is a boarding school Salafiyah Bihaaru Bahri ‘AsaliFadlaailir Rahmah purely constructed by the students and pilgrims. ”
Regardless of whether or not the miraculous process of development the 10-story cottage,which is clear in terms of architecture shows a high level of architectural taste that may be in the process of development clearly requires funding not less. A grand project that wouldinvolve many parties. But why to many people do not know and impress the “magic”? Wallahu’nature …
Curious? Please visit the cottage which is located in the Village Sananrejo – Kec. Turen -Malang Regency. Or, if you want to just get the digital information about the boarding schoolSalafiyah Bihaaru Bahri ‘Asali Fadlaailir Rahmah, please visit the official website of the cottage.