Love, love, love …. Once upon a time can make you giddy, at other times make you bawl.Although sometimes painful, but love it that makes this world go. Something hard to explain, but it has a great impact. Here are interesting facts about the love that may not have (or have) you know:

1. Love like chocolate.
“Love is a kind of chemical reactions that can lead to addiction (addiction),” said Helen Fisher, Ph.D., an anthropologist at Rutgers University, USA. He was to find out how and what love in the person’s brain via an MRI scanner. He found that when a person falls in love, these feelings turn to the “satisfaction” someone in the middle of the brain. Besides, love is also increasing production of the hormone dopamine that regulate pleasure and addiction. The same thing happens in the brain as eating chocolate, because that’s hard to stop eating chocolate bite only 1 time. Flow of dopamine is that improve mood and energy levels, as well as sharpen your focus (you can also say obsessed) to your partner.

2. The nose can help you find a mate
Women subconsciously able to kiss him where the good genetics to produce a great kid, bright James V. Kohl, author of The Scent of Eros: Mysteries of Odor in Human Sexuality.Kohl and some other researchers found that by instinct, women feel attracted to men who are genetically different from it. This is a good thing, because if women choose men with similar genes, then the child born will have an increased risk of health problems.
What makes a woman attracted to men is a pheromone, a chemical unique hormone production. Generally, women are better detect pheromones while it is in the fertile period, when the power of smell is in top condition. When you like what you smell, you ride the hormone estrogen, and the splashing excitement.

3. Marriage help balance the mental
Contrary to the belief of many people, marriage is actually lowering the potential for depression in a person. According to Linda Waite, PhD., A sociologist from the University of Chicago, the people who had never married in fact have a tendency to be residents of mental health institutions.
Many women find deep satisfaction gained from the intimacy of a marriage. Sense of community and ownership of the couple gave her a sense of confidence and purpose in life.This is then giving one’s mental stability.

4. Make a healthy marriage
Deciding to live with a person not only good for the mental and the mind. People who are married have better physical health than singletons. People who are married have the body’s immune system stronger, resistance to viruses is more powerful, less hospitalization, less pain, and has a longer life. However, in another study says, that marriage would only be good for the heart when the marriage was also good.

5. Better to have a partner that makes life happier than wealthy
What makes a man happy? Being rich can indeed be helpful, however, have a strong marriage and rukunlah the first place. According to a study conducted at Dartmouth, is in a happy marriage have similar levels of satisfaction with people who earn money as much as 1 billion per year.

6. A father’s love
Have you ever seen a father carrying her newborn baby, or took their children to school? It looks amazing? Yes, because when a man carrying his child, he sensed a change in hormones. Levels of testosterone (a hormone aggressive) decreased, while increased levels of oxytocin and vasopressin. This made him hungry for closeness.
In theory, these physical changes constantly changing since the first human civilization was born until now. The father’s age now have a better closeness with his son. Hugs also have biological benefits as well. Cuddle help lower blood pressure, heart rate, and stress hormones, as well as enhance the body’s immune system.

7. The pets also have a love
Having pets were brought many advantages. Researchers found that having a pet can help lower blood pressure and treating solitude. A person who interacts with his dog was able to ward off depression. Stroking the pet just a few minutes a day can increase the happy hormones, such as serotonin and oxytocin, and lowers levels of stress hormones. You do not even need to stroke your own animals. Pets others can give the same reaction in your brain.

8. Sex makes you younger
Those who perform intimate activities at least 4-5 times a week look 10 years younger than those who only perform intimate activities 2 times a week. This is summarized from a study that has lasted 10 years at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, Scotland. The reason is not known with certainty. However, from previous research, that when it reaches the climax, regardless of testosterone helps men maintain their muscle mass. As for women, estrogen stream that flows during intimate activity makes the hair more lustrous and softer skin.

9. Love is a panacea
When you’re having sex, your body is pumping endorphins (happiness hormones) 200 percent more, so the results of research at Johns Hopkins University. On the other hand, the researchers found that physical intimacy can relieve dizziness and reduce mild depression with instant. Adrenaline can be a culminating natural antihistamine, which helps overcome the symptoms of colds. There are even studies that say that sex is more effective than an antidepressant / sleep aides.