Some of the newly married couple not knowing how to maximize their first night. Originally playing lunge and breakthrough is a major activity. Al results of many loyonya than satisfied.The first night was not only intercourse. Further unify the emotions and feelings between two beings. Therefore it should be done properly. So What about intercourse with his wife right?Adab and procedure intercourse with a wife who really is like that demonstrated by the Prophet Muhammad.

Islam is a complete religion which ajrannya covering all aspects of a wedding is no exception.Speaking of marriage would not be separated from the first night. Wedding night for husband and wife should fully with the atmosphere of tenderness, affection and pleasure. Night linking her husband to his wife with a rope of affection and love and can relieve anxiety and fear and make her feel at peace with it.

Here are some of the manners mentioned in our heritage to shape a new life, may be useful:

1.True intention

Let the husband and wife’s intention for marriage is to maintain the honor, based on the words of the Messenger of Allah, “Three people who have the right to God to help them: a striving in the path of Allah, a slave (being in the agreement between himself and his master) who wants penunaian and a married who wants to keep his honor. “(Narrated by Ahmad, Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah and Hakim from the hadeeth of Abu Hurairoh)

2. Ornate and beautify themselves.

A wife should beautify herself with what God Almighty allowed. Basically this is allowed except on what is forbidden by arguments such as plucking my eyebrows and eyelashes between the two or mengeroknya, connect the hair with other hair, tattoo, filing the teeth to make it more beautiful. Anathema to him also wear clothes that are forbidden both on the wedding night and beyond that night. Allowed him adorn themselves with gold and silver as ordinary women wear.

Likewise with the husband should memperhias himself to his wife as this is part of menggaulinya in a good way. Word of God Almighty:

which means: “But the husband, has a degree of advantage than his wife.” (Surat al Baqoroh: 228)

However, efforts should decorate themselves remain within the limits allowed. Not allowed him wearing a gold ring except silver. Not allowed him to shave his beard, lengthening his clothing down to the ground, dressed in silks, but tehadap what Shari’a excluded.

3. Gentle to his wife when making love

Narrated by Ahmad in al-Musnad of Asma bint Yazid ibn as Sakan said, “I’ve makeup Ayesha to the Prophet and then I went to him one day and asked to see the beauty Ayesha. He saw also came with a glass of milk and he drank it and gave it to Aisha Aisha was then bowed his head in shame. Asma said, “So I admonished him.” And I told him, “Take (the drink) from the hands of the Prophet.” Asma said, “Then Aisha took it and drank a little.”

4. Praying for his wife.

Let the husband put his hand on her forehead and says such as the Lord the Messenger of Allah, “If one of you is married to a woman or buy an aide holding his forehead and then let the name of Allah Almighty and pray for blessings on to say: Allahumma Innii Asaluka MinKhoiriha Jabaltaha Alaihi wa Khoiri Ma. Wa wa Syarri Audzu bika Min Ma Syarri Jabaltaha alaih-O Allah, that I beg thee kindness and goodness of what you give him and I seek refuge in Thee than ugliness and evil that you gave him .. ”

5. Praying two rakaat

It was narrated from Ibn Masud Ibn Syaibah, he told Abi Huraiz, “Tell him to pray two rak behind (her husband) and pray,” Allahumma Barik and Barik Ahlii LII FII FII lahum.Allahummajma ‘Bainanaa Jama’ta Ma wa bi Khoirin Farriq Bainana idza Farroqta Khoirin bi-Oh God bless me in my family and bless them in myself. O God satukanlah us with kindness and separate us if you want (we) also parted ways with kindness. ”

6. What is said when doing jima ‘or during intercourse with his wife.

It was narrated from Ibn Abbas that the Prophet of Allah said, “If one of you came to his wife then let him pray,” Allahumma wa Jannib Syaithon Jannibna asy asy Syaithon Rozaqtana Ma-O God shun shun us from Satan and demons of what you rezekikan to us, Allah is Able to give them both a child who can not demon forever harmed. ”

7. Anathema to him broadcast the confidential matters between husband and wife

Narrated by Ahmad from Asma bint Yazid who was seated near the Holy Prophet along with men and women, then he would of Allah said, “It could be that a man tell what he does with his wife and a wife can be told what to do with her husband. “Then they fell silent. Then I asked, “By Allah, O Messenger of women actually doing it so well with men they did.” He is Allah said, “Do not do it. Actually it was like a vicious men associated with the devil woman on the street then (devil boy) cover (female demon) while people watch. ”

8. Ablution between the two jima ‘even though the bath is more mainstream

If a man’s intercourse with his wife and then he wants to return to repeat the most important for him is a purification ritual that could restore his strength, as was narrated by Muslim from Abi Said al Khudriy said, “Messenger of Allah said, ‘If one of you intercourse with his wife then hewant to repeat it again then berwudhulah between the two (Jima) it. ”

In a memoir, “It’s like going to prayer ablutions.” (Narrated by Muslim) Abu Naim added, “Surely it will return the tenagannya.”

Bathing more mainstream, as narrated by Abu Daud of Rafi ‘, ​​the Prophet and his wives around the bath when (about intercourse) wife is a wife and also with this. he said, “I asked him, ‘O Messenger of Allah is not enough with just one bathroom?” he SAW said, “This is more sacred. More fragrant and purer. ”

9. Bathing together

Permissible for the husband and wife to bath together in one container, as narrated by Bukhari and Muslim from Aisha said, “I bathe with the Prophet than one container of myself with him. Our hands interchangeably scrambling so I said, “leave (little water) for me, leave me.” He said, “They’re both in a state of junub.”

From the above hadith are both naked and then allowed to see each other’s genitalia to one another.

In hdits narrated by Abu Daud and Ibn Majah from Ibn Muawiyah Haidah said, “I said, ‘O Messenger of Allah. What is allowed and banned from our private parts? “He replied,” Keep auratmu except against wives or your slave. “It is permissible for one of the couple husband and wife to see the whole body until his cock touched her partner and based on this hadith, because the pubic is a place of pleasure then allowed to see and touch it like any other body part.

10. Joking with his wife

Permissible joking and playing around with his wife in bed, saw as his saying, “… Why not a girl then you can play around with it and he can play with you.” (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim) and Muslims in history , “You can be happy with him and he can be happy with you.”

Among the pranks and mempergaulinya well is kissing her husband, although not for Jima ‘.Prophet kissed and touched his wives even though they are in a state of menstruation or kiss him and touch him even though he is in a state of fasting.

As contained in the ash and other Shahihain of Aisha and Maimunah even diriwyatkan by Ahmad and Abu Dawood from Aisha said, “The Prophet kissed some of his wives then he came out to pray and perform ablutions again.” This is a proposition that kissed the wife is not canceled ablution.

11. Allowed ‘azl

Permissible for a husband to do ‘azl is released outside of pubic semen wife, as narrated by Bukhari and Muslim from Jabir bin Abdullah said, “We do’ azl while the Qur’an is still down.” In a memoir, “We do ‘azl in the Prophet and it is up to the Prophet and Allah does not forbid him. ”

However the main thing is to leave ‘azl because it can reduce the pleasure for himself and for his wife and because it also can eliminate the purpose of marriage is to multiply the descendants of this race, based on the words of the Messenger of Allah, “Marry by you (the women) who can bring more children to bring compassion. Indeed I will boast of the number of (number) you guys before all the people on the Day of Resurrection. ”

But not permissible for a Muslim to do ‘azl forever because it can limit and prevent the descent … ..

12. Visiting relatives in the morning

It is advisable for him in the morning to visit relatives who have fulfilled the invitation .. based on the hadeeth of Anas said, “Messenger of Allah having a party when she got married to Zainab. The Muslims nourished by the bread and meat. Then he saw out to the mothers of the believers (his wives upon him) and say hello to them, pray for them and they were welcome greetings and pray for him, he did it on the morning after her wedding night.