When to say the three magic words “I love you”? Who should start? And why is it so difficult to pronounce?

Even if you have spent so long with people who are revered, even spent a wonderful eveningand you can not stop telling friends that he is the one.
Every moment is always thought of him, he makes you laugh, until one day you wake up andrealize, you love him.
But why is difficult to say how you feel loved, even when you’re grown. The answer is easy,because we are afraid of rejection.
Simply put, when you say “I love you ‘, you expecting to hear the same words. When thespeech was not out of the mouth of your partner, you get hurt because they feel rejected.
This fear can be overcome if you understand that not everyone is easy to reply to the statement “I love you”. Unless the couple said “I do not love you”, meaning he likely still unsure of his feelings or does not feel as big as you feel. If you have this, you just say “let me know ifyour feelings change,”
Then when you say this sentence?
Let time pass and you know each other. Along togetherness, you can assess clearly whether the feeling is pure or as a charm for a moment. When you confirm your conscience, it is time,then do not hesitate to say “I love you”. This applies to men as women.
What if the opposite happens, the couple say the sentence telling you this?
If you are not yet ready to retaliate, not wrong if you are quiet and communicate your reasons.Whatever the reason, communicate honestly. It is far better than lying to her and yourself.
If you feel the same, do not be afraid to say, “I love you too”.