The first story is the story of the prophet Muhammad, SAW before his death,
notice how noble heart prophets, While he was seriously ill and near death he is still remembered his people, When it comes to prayer, he fainted, and when he realized the question was still his people. Consider this evidence of a love story to his people.

For those who’ve never read or heard about this, just repeat and give ane kesesama message to Muslims and that may not please refer to reassure.

Although the illness of the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam is very severe, but he still managed to perform all the prayers along with his companions until the congregation that day, namely Thursday, four days before his death, and on that day the Prophet sallallaahu’ alayhi wasallam had done maghrib prayer with them, at that moment he read the letter “al-mursalaat.” (Narrated by al-Bukhari from UMU FadlThe pain chapters of the Prophet)
At evening prayer time ‘, ill Prophet sallallaahu’ alaihi wasallam smakin severe, until he can not go to mosque. “Aisha radi ‘anha said:” The Prophet sallallaahu’ alaihi wasallam said: “Do people have prayed?” We replied: ” Not yet, O Messenger of Allah, but they are waiting for you. “He said:” Prepare for me the water in the vessel. “We had done it, then the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam shower, about to rise when he fainted, and before long he was unconscious, and asked:” Do people have prayed?. “Then it came to pass for second and third time what happened before, the bath and then passed out when they wanted to get up.He asked people to Abu Bakr radi ‘anhu became a priest. In these days of Abu Bakr radi ‘anhu began to pray with them. (Hadith mutafaq’ alaihi)

The second story of the Prophet’s tolerance of evidence against fellow human beings, not to impose the will and protect the weak hearts here radiates the glory of the prophet

Jewish beggars and Rasullullah SAW
In the corner there is a market Medina blind Jewish beggar who every day are always saying to every person who approached him, O my brother, do not approach Muhammad, he was a madman, he is a liar, he’s a sorcerer, if you approach it then you will influence.

However, every morning the Prophet Muhammad came to bring food, and without utter a word of the Prophet Muhammad had brought food to feed a beggar while the beggar did not know that the feed was the Prophet Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad did this every day until he died.

After the death of the Prophet Muhammad, there are no more people who bring food every morning to the blind Jewish beggar. One day the Prophet Muhammad’s closest friend RA Abubakar visited the house, his son Aisha RA that none other than the wife of the Prophet Muhammad and he asked his son, my son, my beloved is not there a habit I do?

Aisha RA said, O father, you are an expert on the Sunnah and almost no one else who has not his habit to do except one father. Is It?, Said Abubakar RA. Every morning the Prophet Muhammad always go to the end of the market by bringing food to a blind Jewish beggar is there, said Aisha RA ..

The next day Abubakar RA went to the market by bringing food to give to beggars. Abubakar RA beggar came and gave him food. When Abubakar RA starting to feed, sipengemis angrily rebuked, Who are you? Abubakar RA answered, I am an ordinary person (you go).Not! You are not the ordinary people who came, argued that the blind beggar.

When she came to me this is not hard to hold hands and mouth is not hard to chew. Ordinary people who came were always fed me, but the food dihaluskannya first, after which he gave to me, the beggar went on his words.

Abubakar RA can not hold back her tears, she cried and said to the beggar, I’m not someone who used to come to you. I was one of his best friend, a noble man has gone. He is the Prophet Muhammad.

Immediately beggar cried hearing Abubakar RA, and then said, Is this correct? I’ve always insult, slander, he never scolded me a bit, he came with food every morning, he was so noble …

If the Prophet Muhammad could hear this I will say this Quote:
Yes … very noble Prophet Your Heart
So great is your love to us Muslims
While we often forget you
At the moment of death menjemputpun remember is that we the people of your
Not family or wealth
Yes prophet hopefully we’ll see hopefully get your blessing.
Calm hatikami while others continue to blaspheme mu
There are no words that can describe exactly your generosity.

O Prophet … We miss you …