If you are a gentlemen, then you certainly will work hard to make your partner feel protected and safe at your side. Of the various ways that exist, it turns out there are 10 signs that most shows that you are a perfect gentlemen.

Walk on the sidewalk outside
It seems trivial, but by being on the outside, and he is on the side of the (more distant from the traffic), he will be in a safe position, if there are cars speeding and crossing pools of water, then you as a gentlemen would protect her and make her clothes intact and not damaged by water splashing earlier. Moreover, in this way, you protect him from traffic hazards that exist.Women will feel more protected by your actions that this knight.

Let him sit first
Once, a man would be expected to attract first chair for the couple, now the action is considered too formal. But it never hurts, you let him sit down first. Standing a little longer will make him feel more respected, though perhaps he did not realize it. Do not be too clearly pointed this out, because often she would feel embarrassed. If the action is successful, then you will show that you want him to feel comfortable first.

Consider your language
One important point often missed by you, is a language that is sometimes too rough. A man should be proud to be able to demonstrate expression without using harsh language. Not only this will show your intelligence, but also demonstrate high standards for yourself and to those around you. Oh yes, smart does not mean to use complicated words that you do not believe really means yes! The important thing is do not be rude!

Bring an umbrella
Actions of other gentlemen is to bring an umbrella, make sure the he stays dry, this is the best way to show commendable attitude. A gentleman will always be ready for a variety of weather, and one of them is an umbrella. If no, and fitted rain show him that you are more concerned with carrying umbrellas and protect it from rain. There is nothing wrong if you’re wet, because these actions indicate that you want to protect it.

Inter-up to the house
This is a very important action for a gentlemen. Although not in line, but make sure she got home safely is your main priority. He will feel safe if he knows that you accompany him to the front door. This will raise your value in her eyes. Plus: if he quit and did not immediately enter, most likely it means he wants you to give kisses, if not, do not force it!

Give your jacket
Sometimes on a date, the clothes he’s not thick enough to repel biting cold night air or blowing air conditioning. If you feel that tonight is cold enough, soon offer a jacket that you wear. He may refuse, but if he’s starting to look cold, do not hesitate to offer any more. You cold? Hold! it is your duty, he’s not your main priority?

Offer your seat
A gentleman will never forget and give up his seat on public transport for the elderly or for pregnant women. Moreover, to date your friend, never forget to give your seat on the busway or other public transportation. This shows that you take better care of her existence. Stand before offering your seat, this suggests an extra sincerity to him.

Turn off the HP on a date
Sometimes you are very busy tomorrow, until then a date, you are more frequently called attention to the condition than him. It is very rough, either at a date or other appointments.Make him feel that he is the most important person in the world during a date. Remember that when you call, you make him feel uncomfortable to sit still and silent. If you call, make sure you answer AFTER your date over.

Introduce him
If you meet someone you know, important or unimportant, he should you introduce to your colleagues earlier. This would make him not feel alone and isolated. Make sure that your partner always feels comfortable next to you on a date, and one of them by introducing him.This will make him feel very important to you!

Open the door
90% of women felt that this action is the main action of a gentlemen. This simple act will make women feel appreciated. indeed you should always open the door and hold the door until the person behind you pass. These actions show respect to others.

Well … if you already understand, it never hurts to make all these actions as part of your respect to others, so make sure you make all the above measures as a habit to everyone!
Welcome to Gentlemen!