In general, human blood is divided into groups A, B, O, AB, of the four groups was found to have the uniqueness of each one that affects a person’s character.

In Japan, predictions about a person more determined by blood type than the zodiac or the zodiac. Why?

He said, blood type is determined by certain proteins that build all the cells in our bodies and therefore also determines our psychology.

True or not? The following explanation of blood groups is based on research conducted in Japan


A well organized, consistent, high teamwork spirit, but always worried (because the perfectionist) that sometimes makes people easy resentful, political leanings: “destra”
B nyantai, easy going, free, and most enjoy life, political leanings: “the left”
O high-minded, sociable,’m not relented, allergies in the details, political leanings: “centro”
AB unique, nyleneh, resourceful, split personality, political leanings


The easiest ngaret matter of time
1 B (because nyantai continued)
2 O (as flamboyant)
3 AB (because easy to change the program)
4 A (due to failure in discipline)

The most difficult to tolerate faults org:
1 A (as a perfectionist and narsismenya too large)
2 B (because of easy going but also easy Judging)
3 AB (because of different origin)
4 O (Judging easy but also easy pardoning)

The most believable:
1 A (because of consistent and law-abiding)
2 O (in order to maintain balance)
3 B (for the sake of keeping the enjoyment of life)
4 AB (easy to change the frame of reference)

Most preferred to be a friend:
1 O (the person sportsmanship)
2 A (always on time and exactly)
3 AB (creative)
4 B (depending on mood)

Conversely, a friend of the most disebelin / disliked:
1 B (selfish, easy come easy go, wants his own)
2 AB (double standard)
3 A (very devout and scrupulous)
4 O (hard to beat)


The most easy to get lost / lost
1 B
2 A
3 O
4 AB

The most medals won in Olympic sports:
1 O (good sports)
2 A (exact and mathematically)
3 B (not affected by pressure from around. Almost all athletes judo, swimming and wrestling japan bergoldar B)
4 AB (allergic to any kind of sports)

The most immediate being a director and leader
1 O (as spirited leadership and problem-solver)
2 A (because of the impersonal “minute” and meticulous)
3 B (because it is sensitive and easy to take decisions)
4 AB (because of creative and likes to take risks)

Japanese PM that so rata2 blood group
1 O (-spirited leader)

Students generally bergol Universita Tokyo Blood type: B

The most easily saving:
1 A (like calculating bank interest)
2 O (like looking at the prospect)
3 AB (save for a project)
4 B (new save a lot if you have money)

The most powerful memory
1 O
2 AB
3 A
4 B

Most suited to be MC:
1 A (rich planner runs)


The most long life:
1 O (not easily stressed, antibodynya most joss!)
2 A (regular life)
3 B (easy to search for stress compensated)
4 AB (unorganized)

The simplest fat
1 O (a big appetite, eating cepet more)
2 B (eating the old, add on, and again like good food)
3 A (only eat what’s in front, affected the diet)
4 AB (Eat depends on their mood, easy to hit anoressia)

Most easily bitten by mosquitoes:
O (sweet blood)

The easiest flu / fever / cough / cold
1 A (weak against viruses and statement, infectious)
2 AB (weak eye out hyangiene)
3 O (eat anything good or really bad)
4 B (eating, not sleeping regularly)

What made the event makan2 at a party:
O (ngambil much animal protein, principally daging2an)

A (ngambil balanced. 4 perfectly healthy 5)

B (like take a lot of water content foods such as soup, soup, meatballs, etc.)
AB (hobby taste all the dishes, “moral hazard”)

The most rapid bald:
1 O
2 B
3 A
4 AB

Who sleep most soundly and hard dibangunin:
1 B (still snoring despite the Tsunami)
2 AB (if another mood, sleeping is everything)
3 A (must be 8 hours of sleep a day, according to the law)
4 O (new benar2 sleep when tired and in need)

The most cepet asleep
1 B (easiest sleepy, fall asleep even while berdiripun)
2 O (If there are not more tired and sleepy ken easy job)
3 AB (depending on the will)
4 A (depending on the rules and orario)

The disease is easy to attack:
A (stress, insane / daze)
B (weak against the influenza virus, lung)
O (indigestion and abdominal morbidity)
AB (cancer and heart attacks, easily startled)

What needs to be encouraged to stay healthy:
A (being too perfectionist then nyantailah not ever, not have too uptight and serious)
B (because it is too difficult to concentrate, not ever need a little serious, meditating, playing chess)
O (because of its high concentration, it is necessary also to chat casually, streets)
AB (because of easy fatigue, it is necessary to look for fun activities and make relief).

The most frequent traffic accidents (based on police data)

1 A
2 B
3 O
4 AB