Prof. Rhenald Kasali, PhD, in his book Young Entrepreneurial Self, many beginners whofailed entrepreneurship for failing to instill passion into the realm of uncertainty. This means that beginners do not realize that business people doing business activity adjacent to theuncertainty. Not just any capital gain returns, and glory.

Making friends is the principle of uncertainty as a must-have beginner businessmen.Understanding how perceptions of risk and should be built on risk, this is much moreimportant in business.

Businessman, according Rhenald, need to understand the uncertainties in the effort to avoidabortion slayings. Following principle:
* Businessman must always be prepared to accept or face the reality of the worst, but alwaysexpect the best.

* Learn from each step are executed in the business, although business people do not alwaysget what you wanted or planned.

* Recognize and friendly with data, information on business activities, until you know thepattern, actors, and its consequences. Uncertainty exists when you do not recognize what is being faced.

* The formula is, the more definitely a business, the smaller the risk, the smaller is also the possibility of profits. Conversely, the greater the uncertainty, the greater the gains on the back.

* The greater the probability of the advantages of doing business, the greater the risk.

* Something that seemed more certain, inherent uncertainty therein. The need to ensure is that perceptions of risk. To reduce risk, Be in the data and information, cultivate expertise andreputation, build networks, focus on excellence, and live the business of something you love.