weddings for Japanese newlyweds. A robot marry them in a wedding ceremony held in Tokyo on Sunday (16/05/2010).

This is for the first time in the world of robots to lead the human mating ritual. Almost everyone stood up when the bride walked down the aisle with her white dress. But not so with the leader of the wedding ceremony because the robot has been “stuck” in his chair.

Kokoro Co. Robot production company is named I-Fairy. Height of 1.5 meters. The robot is sitting with his eyes flashing and plastic hair braided. “Please uncover the veil of the bride,” said I-Fairy in a loud voice. He then waved his hands into the air as a new bride and groom kissing in front of about 50 guests.

AP news agency reported, a ceremony was held at a restaurant in Hibiya Park in central Tokyo. According to the law in Japan, the ceremony was valid. I-Fairy controlled during the ceremony a programmer.
“It’s fun. I think the Japanese have a strong feeling that robots are their friends. Most people who move in the robot industry understands this. However, people generally want robots near them to serve specific purposes, “said the bride, Satoko Inoue (36), who worked at Kokoro Co. factory.

“It would be better if the robot is a little more clever, but he’s very good at expressing himself,” said Tomohiro Shibata (42), the groom, who is a professor of robotics at the Nara Institute of Science and Technology in central Japan.

Japan has the industry’s most advanced robots in the world. The state government is actively supporting the growth of the industry. Models of robots in factories while the robot is fairly standard. However, Japanese companies have recently made a push to inject robots into everyday life.

According to a spokesman for Kokoro Co., Kayako Kido, I-Fairy sells for around 6.3 million yen (68,000 dollars) and three units are in use in Singapore, the United States, and Japan.