Has it occurred to that relationship and your partner that recent warmth is caused by sabotage? Probably not. Many people who thought the relationship could only be destroyed by the presence of a third person. In fact, not only sabotage the relationship because of it.Your attitude is potentially damaging or spouse can also be a contributing factor.

Recognizing the potentially destructive attitude that this relationship is not an easy thing.Instead we more easily recognize the attitudes that endanger the relationship rather than an attitude that only potentially. You must indeed keen to see the signs.

Hopes too high
Do you love your spouse is or just love the way you want? You want to pair this or that. If this option is that you live, do not be surprised if you will always feel disappointed, frustrated, and dissatisfied with your relationship.
Solution: Finding fault with the continued focus on imperfections and lack of partner are bound to sabotage the relationship. Look for the actual source of the problem to be solved. Rather than focusing on the lack of a partner, why do you not see yourself first?

Forgive but never forget
Do you always use the old wounds to protect the liver? Forgive but never forget the couple mistakes? Always feel victimized and intend to change things. Actually, this is just the same you always bring up old wounds anywhere. And let the wound stay open only to remind that the wounds were never there, and always will be.
Solution: If you’ve always imagined shadows on old wounds, meaning you do not grow and develop in a living relationship. It also just means you are always hurting yourself. Accept that your partner will change and no longer the same person when you first knew him. Being an adult deal with the problems you face and keep going.

Excessive jealousy
This is actually a form of insecurity (insecurity) on your own. Feeling not quite beautiful, attractive, or sexy, to get the full attention of the couple. Well, if you like, you understand that the real problem is within you, and not in pairs.
Solution: For this problem, you need to restore confidence to a level you feel happy with yourself. However, if you feel jealous of the couple really makes sense and you can not trust your partner again, leave it out. Do not get caught up in insecurities that never ends.

Balancing score
Upset with the presence of female friends that the couple began to cause heat in the relationship, then you respond and establish new relationships with male friends. Sure, make the couple also feeling the hurt can make you satisfied. However, in this way can actually change your relationship into a minefield.
Solution: Psst … beat (read: hurt) people we love do not make us a winner. Is this kind of relationship you want? More to the point where, healthy relationships, or the ego to feel self-righteous? Rather than compete with each other and “dropping”, why not look inward?Correct any mistakes on your partner? It could be because you are lacking attention. Well, think again.

Passive aggression
That is, using methods such as sulking, angry in silence, and not speaking for the controlling partner. You know, this way not only hurt you and your partner, but also your relationship?
Solution: In the end, you may be able to get the desire to manipulative attitude earlier.Although managed to control your partner, you are still not a winner. Learn to express wants and needs through effective communication and techniques that are healthy. This is to prepare you to face the next conflict.