Indeed, the salary received by any person not necessarily the same. Two managers who work in one area at the same company can have different incomes.

If the salary received by large, would not be a problem. Small salary was the one who often makes us wonder. Anything that affects the small salary? This factor.

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1. Education Standards
Indeed, many employers who do not pass the higher education can be successful and earn great. Even so, higher education still help someone get a larger income. Statistics showed that people who take higher education tend to earn more money than their less educated workers.

2. Younger age
Those aged 25 years and under tend to earn less than those over 25 or 30 years. This makes sense given the experience in one area, if engaged from year to year will make the experience increased, so the income was also increased.

3. Minimal experience
Certainly more and more and longer work experience, the higher the value of our selling. So no wonder, if the age above 25 years you are just starting out, salaries were not for those who have started work two years earlier.

4. Staff Only
If the position or positions in the workplace only the staff, although the age of 30 years and considerable work experience, your salary would only “roads in place”.

5. “Dry Land”
Each business type has a different salary ranges. It is adjusted to the workload, time, responsibilities, and the enormous impact that decision based on his work. For example, in oil and gas industry would have different responsibilities and workload with the banking sector. Although positions are equally staffed with 5 years work experience.

6. Field work
Work outside the office is more use of physical and requires little brain. As a result, a lower position and salary smaller than sit in the office. Ever heard the term white-collar worker (white-collar workers are more likely to use the mind at work) and blue collar worker (blue collar workers who use more power)? White collar workers usually earn more money than a blue collar worker.

7. Status
Is a permanent employee, contract employee time (PKWT), or employee of the contractor (consultant)? Lower-level contract employees (non-staff) usually receive smaller salaries than permanent employees. However, for top-level staff to contract workers who are often paid more than permanent employees.

8. Bad Attitude
Ever make a mistake that makes your boss no longer likes you? It may be that these factors make your salary never rose because the boss did not want to recommend a raise.

9. Discrimination
Issues of gender and racial intolerance is still influential. No wonder if at some companies, female employees receive lower salaries than men for equal work. Or employees of the tribe of X (which is equal to the interest of the boss) got a higher salary than employees of different races and backgrounds.

Well, hopefully your question has been answered!