Not everyone is born naturally creative. But do not worry, it’s creativity can be shaped andsharpened. Follow the instructions below.1) The most important first step is to believe that you’re creative! Tell yourself that you cancreate new ideas. Give yourself time to explore the mind to discover new possibilities.

2) Write in detail the problem you want to solve. This could be a starting point in achieving its objectives.
3) Prepare papers and give yourself time for half an hour to write down all ideas and solutionsof the problem at hand. Brainstorming gives you an opportunity to discover new things. Write down everything, no matter how stupid the idea that you find it.
4) When finished, see the list in and out so the top 10 of the most important and profitable.This is a list of 10 ideas that you can make happen. Actions are the key points here. The ideajust a thought before you try to make it happen.
5) With 10 list of best ideas, ask questions: “What if implementing this solution, whether it willsolve the problem? What this solution will provide benefits to others? “
6) From this exercise, you will learn to identify solutions that provide the most benefits. Strainall the ideas so 1 or 2 ideas that provide the most benefits.
7) Once again, only ACTION makes your creative mind is useful. So the start is to make it happen.
The most important thing you can do in trying to be creative is to believe in your own abilities.Stay positive and was constantly telling myself ‘I can do it!