You buy a designer bag at a great price without knowing how to care for her. So that your bags are durable, are some tips on how to care for her.

The first thing you should do is save in the flannel bag or plastic. This is to maintain the colorand material of the bags that are not easily damaged. For bags made from hard, you shouldalways be stored into

Second, when not in use, fill a bag with a paper bag filler so you do not change form. Better not use newspaper because it will melunturi color bag. Use parchment paper or plastic as a replacement.

Tip three, if your bags have details or accessories such as crystal or rock, should be wrapped in bubble wrap (plastic with bubbles) before input into the box. This is so the accessories areprotected from collisions or other objects depressed.

Fourth, you have to do when your bag is stained, clean with a dry cloth so the stain does notabsorb the material
bag. If the stain is difficult to lose, do not try to experiment. Immediately brought to the bag that has been a professional repairman.

Tip five is do not waste silica gel used to get when you buy a bag.
Silica gel bags to keep moisture and not easy to mold. Always store silica gel in your bag.

Sixth, remove the bag periodically to get fresh air, so avoid the mold and musty odors.Remove at least once a week and winds. Keep the bag out of direct sunlight or light colors so that no dull.