Work hard, play hard, perhaps a lifestyle that you have not imagined when I was in college.Apparently, this concept is not necessarily viewed negatively. Because, after days or weeks to work hard, you deserve to pamper yourself or have fun with other colleagues. Thus, your life becomes balanced.
You are working in the field of creative or communications, such as media, advertising agencies, or public relations, of course socializing has become part of your job. But not necessarily for those working in other fields, or who have to work 9 to 5. Anyone can have fun on the weekends, but it takes a special ability to stay up late at night (on weekdays), and staying in shape to return to work the next day.
So, how do the trick you can work hard but still party hard?

Working with time

More and more companies are implementing flexible working time, so employees can adjust hours of work with his lifestyle. But even if you are not required to enter at 8:00, working until late at night was not a wise choice. Occasional overtime work is okay, but stayed up late every night just will drain energy. Body felt weak and lethargic is a sign of our immune system function decreases to very vulnerable to attack bacteria or viruses. Unless you work in the cafe, which requires that you work night and every day.

Entertaining relation

When you have guests bring the company to enjoy the atmosphere of the city at night, often they are asked to visit the nightclubs. Although there are many ways to entertain a relationship, you would have to meet the demand for this one. All you need to pay attention, because your host, you should be able to maintain themselves. In a sense, still conscious of not drinking too much, or not too excited when moving to follow the rhythm of song. Check carefully your face when you wake up the next day. There must be no dark circles under the eyes because of your lack of sleep. Overcome with enough makeup.

Happy hour

If you can hangout around happy hour, why not? Gather your friends, and find hangout near the office for a little socializing and networking. If you begin immediately after the home office, you still have time to go home early and sleep enough. The result, you can still wake up with a fit condition and following the meeting as usual. Of course, this can not often do you do if there is already waiting for you at home.

Do not be influenced friends

When hangout or clubbing with friends, no need to force yourself to follow what they do. If you know the next day to face meeting or an important presentation, do not drink alcoholic beverages. Quite soft drinks alone. When spending time with, what matters is not what you drink or eat, but the interactions that occur. Thus you can still have fun without having to experience a hangover the next morning.
Steal time for sleep

You know, when you start being attacked sleepiness before or after lunch? Stealing goods of time to sleep half an hour was able to restore your energy. When office space is quiet because your peers are eating lunch, lean the chair against the wall and then close your eyes.When a situation like this is not possible, bring your lunch to the car, then go to sleep for a moment.

Do not forget to exercise

Many people who say that they just need a nap when they exercise regularly. But the tired bodies still have to rest. After work, you can drop in to the gym or other aerobic. With exercise, you will sleep easier, and the body is more easily recover. Exercise also will remove the excess calories that you get after hangout with friends the night before.

You need to remember also, socialize or network with party hard way is not prohibited, but this is not enough to build a reputation. My friends at the office might be able to understand when looking at eye puffiness in your face, or aware of your body is limp. But how do they become witness to how you get the “mark” the night before, it could affect their judgments about you. Indeed, this is not absolute, since it was above six things you need to do.