Everyone in this world would dream of success in life. No matter what is done by someone, success is a primary goal. It could be about losing weight or in a career. And the first step for success is to set clear objectives. Many people do not get anything but success only because the goals are less clear. Many people do not design goals because they do not even have any idea where to start. If you are anything like this, here are some tips that will help you to find where to start designing purposes.
With the Dreaming and Start Writing Your Dreams
The first one, if you want to design goals, you should take the time to build a dream. If you do not have a dream, it would be difficult to determine the purpose in your life. Unfortunately, most people lose their ability to dream about what is most desirable and build motivation for achievement. So, to start with, take a moment to dream about what you most want, what you want, or even about what you want to have. Once you find your dream, then write it in the paper.
Ask “Why?”
After you write down all your dreams, read again what you have written. When read back, stop at each and every dreams and ask ‘why you dreamed?’. Why is this dream important to you?If you can not answer it in a few sentences, chances are it’s not really something you dream about, and eventually you have to scratch from the list.
Justify This is your goal?
Many people who actually have a dream that was formed by others. So it is important to discover what really what you want to accomplish is your goal or goals of others. When designing the goals, dreams and goals if it turns out it’s not what you want, striking it from the list.
Discover How It Will Affect purpose of your life
Once you create a list that is true about your dreams, look back to what was left. Enter dream left this to the list and consider how this might have some influence in your life. Is achieving this goal will make you happier than now? Will improve safety and your relationships with others? What will affect your finances in a positive way? If you find that this dream could not bring a positive influence in your life, may be ruled out. If you find your achievement will bring a positive influence in your life, you should have the motivation to pursue and achieve all these goals.

Categorize Your Dreams
Now the more narrow the list to find the true purpose, not just desire or your imagination. At this point you need to categorize the goals into different categories, depending on how much time you need to achieve it. You will have a long-term goals that take more than two years to achieve, short-term goals that take a month or more to achieve it, and goals can be achieved at any time of the period of a month to a year. But remember, you have to have big goals, and make sure it has a purpose in each category so that it can be continuously strives to achieve that goal in your life.
Plan How to achieve it
Once you establish your goals, now you need to plan how to achieve it. You should always strive to realize your goals, even if it only took a small step to achieve it. Be sure not to overdo the effort to make it happen. Occasionally it takes management and motivation as part of your plan and to complete this task, but it certainly would be a worthwhile effort. Create a chart achievements to help you achieve your goals, and when you’ve reach the mark in the graph.
It seems so easy to implement all the above tips, but most importantly of all just actions that will bring results for us. Good luck!