Regular exercise will activate the central nervous system which then will increase blood flow to sexual organs so that they can function more optimally. In addition, high-intensity exercise was able to increase the male hormone testosterone, which in turn could stimulate sexual arousal. However, it should be noted that there can be excessive.

“Sports is too excessive with high intensity without giving time off for the body, it will actually reduce the amount of the hormone testosterone, which ultimately lowered sexual desire,” he explained.

The types of exercises you can do to improve sexual performance are as follows:

Strength training (weight lifting)
Once again, regular weight training was able to increase the amount of the hormone testosterone which is the main trigger a man’s sexual arousal. To improve your sex life, do sports pushups, sit-ups, or crunches possible. The muscles of the shoulders, chest, and abdomen are trained to form stronger muscles and increase your stamina, especially during intercourse.

Kegel exercises
Kegel exercises were also brings benefits for the sexual performance of men and women.Kegel exercises can improve the ability of a person’s endurance and strengthen the PC muscle (pubococcygeus) muscle that serves to regulate the flow of urine while urinating.Discovered by a physiological expert named Arnold Kegel, these exercises was to strengthen the PC muscle will give an increase in your sexual abilities. A man can slow the ejaculation process by providing the muscle contraction on the PC prior to having an orgasm.How to train the PC muscle by muscle contractions began to try when you are urinating. After that, you can apply these Kegel exercises anytime and anywhere with the way the PC muscle contractions. Hold for 10 seconds, release, and do as many reps as you want.

Sex positions that vary it can be trained to use yoga to achieve your maximum satisfaction. In addition, yoga also helps level of flexibility when applying these positions. Some positions are recommended to improve the muscles around the pelvis, is the Bow Pose, Peacock Pose, or Shoulder Stand.

Brisk walking (fast walking)
Studies conducted by Harvard University, states with aerobic exercise, those aged above 50 years were exposed to lower iesiko erectile dysfunction by 30 percent. Other studies have claimed that the activities that burn approximately 200 calories per day, equivalent to exercise 30-40 minutes of moderate intensity or higher were also able to reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction.

The benefits of aerobic or endurance exercise is a “clean” blood flow, so that your erection will be stronger and longer.

With a swim for at least 30 minutes 3 times a week, besides being able to burn body fat, it can help improve your sexual performance.

So by exercising regularly and orderly; be it weight training, aerobic exercise, and balance exercises such as yoga can help improve your sexual performance.