Having a husband who feel at home certainly hope all the wives. So what should we do to be husband would rather spend time with his wife and children than with her friends outside the home? Following advice from psychologists Adriana S. Ginanjar, lecturer at the Faculty of Psychology University of Indonesia. Please be listened to!
1. Welcomes the husband came home from work with a smile, not with complaints about the act of co-workers or helpers incompetent work. Husband who was tired after a day of work would surely love to see your smile and fun stories about children. Do not jump to overload him with household problems.
2. Perform the ritual dinner with family members, which is filled with light and humorous stories. It seems simple. But if undertaken regularly, this ritual can familiarize all family members.
3. Occasionally give the husband the opportunity to conduct activities without interruption, for example, unload the car, browsing the Internet, or reading a book. Do not interrupt her husband’s favorite. Let him struggling with hobbies and favorite.
4. Do not demand excessive neatness. Almost all housewives will like to clean house. But it is not convenient if you are overdoing it responded to the items that are not in place.
5. Accompany her husband to watch his favorite shows, even if you do not really like the show.Husband would love to explain to your favorite program. Jadi do not hesitate to ask in a tone of refined without the need to provide oblique commentary on the event.
6. Tata house so pleasant to look at. Something nice views inevitably make people feel at home. This should be done not only for husbands, but also for families and guests who will come.
7. Every now and then invent a family event by inviting members of the husband’s family. One way to recognize the nature of the husband is to recognize her family. Bring them together and with cuisine suguhi your mainstay. Family happy husband, husbands were more in love with you.
8. Listen seriously and does not directly provide an assessment when the husband tells of his experiences in the office. Give positive feedback and constructive comments instead of getting down mentally.
9. Send the kids to stay at her grandparents’ house so you and your husband have the time to be alone at home. Time for making out with your husband should also continue to be cultivated. One of them with “stealing” time to be alone. Forget the old problems. Now it’s time you and your husband back “going out”.
10. Get up earlier than her husband and prepare breakfast, though just toast and coffee. No matter how busy you in the morning, tuck a little time to prepare a drink and breakfast for her husband. If done regularly, the husband will always remember the pleasure of your coffee and homemade bread.
11. Perform the ritual of religion with her husband and children. Ask the husband who led the activity. This could be one way to show that you and the kids respect to the husband.
12. Involve your husband to help children learn according to area under their control, such as math and sports. That way, the sense of belonging or a sense of having a husband against the children will increasingly be created. Bids hang around outside the home would be ditampiknya after being with the kids.
13. If you are good at cooking, make the husband his favorite meal every weekend. Fried rice made you will definitely taste better when cooked with love.
14. When you’re talking about a problem, do not bring up mistakes of the past husband.Better to think about how the way out and plan the future, instead of going back and look into the past.
15. Speak in a low voice, not in a hurry and with a sentence that is not patronizing. Husband would not like if you get too patronizing and make it like a child who must always be notified.
16. Still look neat and attractive, although only at home. Do not just dress up when going to work or wedding invitations. Husband would be happier if his wife was always concerned about the appearance when at home. No need excessive grooming, which is important to stay clean and pleasant to look at.
17. If you disagree with her husband, listen to his opinion first, then argue your opinion. Do it without disparaging opinion of her husband. Communication will not run smoothly if you and your husband speak in unison. Respect his opinions even if different from your mind. After all, you also want to be treated the same, right?
18. Give extra attention when her husband was ill and take the kids to do the same. People who are sick must need attention. Especially if it’s your husband. Do not add load to the actual complaints and problems can be solved later.
19. Many are grateful for what has been obtained from the husband, instead of comparing with the neighbor’s property. There is a saying that the grass is always greener. Ah, who’s to say. If you are always grateful for the provision of a husband, even neighbors who would envy the harmony of your family.
20. Express love to touch, hug, and words that show your appreciation to the husband.Believe me, this action would make the husband could not stay away from you.