For you, the women, refusing to do something meaningful there are feelings involved in it.Either you do not like these people or do not want to make him feel you notice or feel it inappropriate to do that.

For men, refused to reject it. Not because there is intent behind it. The reason they often make us upset as it seemed ‘not thinking’ (or not so callous?). The ‘why’ lazy ‘,’ shame ah .. ‘,’ ga time ‘or even say anything! Supercharge hell not? Hmm .. if the things you do not agree with is still included in the list below, means he still deserves forgiveness.


It’s his nature to work, so it’s better that than he was just busy doing something that is not obvious and not making money.

Do not like a dish that you cook

Well, he is also a human .. still not feeling uncomfortable. Maybe sometimes he can please you, but then repaired dong cooking.

Too tired

After hanging out with my friends, he did not visit your home, do not call or send sms for being too tired. You also will do it if it is exhausted.

Giving gifts to you-stupid-

He had spent a full day worries and shame when deciding which goods enter the store and pick one girl for you.

Glancing ‘boobs’ to another girl

It’s normal .. He did it in front of you because they feel safe and confident that you will not indict him on that nature.

Leaving the toothpaste is not closed

They are not as precisely you for the affairs of this one.

Men-only night

You do not want him to just hang out with your woman gang and start liking your dress right?So let him hang out with his people.

Late without informing

Rather than waste time calling or texting, he prefers a quick meet with you even though it’s too late.

One size

Or you want any other woman who accompanied him to buy lingerie, shoes or clothes and try it in front of your partner so that the exact right size?


It shows his determination and persistence properties want to try (including when your parents refuse!). Good is not it?

Buying expensive gadgets

Buying a sophisticated and expensive gadgets that will soon appear abandoned so the newer series, is still better than ‘buy’ new woman right?

Leaving dirty dishes

Well .. if they do all the clean, you could be branded trollop later. After all, you also want to prove that you love cleanliness on him.

Selecting a date movie action

That new guy! And he feels it is safe to perform in front of you, not just a sycophant to get your love.

Weird haircuts

He did not have a hair-stylist and always follow the latest trends as you. So naturally dong if knowledge about the appearance of less.

Refusing to buy you pads

Doubles this season, sex, of course he did not want to unexpectedly run into mens too! You also do not want to say have a boyfriend who hermaphrodite right?

For those of you with some of the above may not be tolerated. Some things they get into this list, because it has become the nature of these men. If you do not do it man it means a plus for you. Or if you successfully changed man after you ask for, it is extremely hard from him to you. So, yes appreciated, ladies.