“How do you begged from your Lord?”
“10 range”
“I asked God to let me share in the wealth and the son of man, God allows. God said, “Share with the man in wealth and children. And janjikanlah them, except the devil promise not a hoax. “(Surat al-Isra: 64)
Property not dizakatkan, I ate it. I also ate from the forbidden foods and mixed with usury. I also eat the foods that are not read out the name of God.

I ask that God let me come along with people in contact with his wife without refuge with God.Then the devil go with him and the child born will be very obedient to syaithan.

I want to be able to come together with people who boarded the vehicle is not for a lawful purpose. I ask that God will make the bathroom as my home.
I ask that God made the market as masjidku. I ask that God made the poem as Quranku. I ask that God made the drunkard as a friend my sleep. I ask that God gave you, then He will make those who spend their wealth to sinners as a brother.

God said, “People – the wasteful are brothers – brothers syaithan. “(Surat al-Isra: 27)

O Muhammad, I ask that God allowed me to see people as they could not see me. And I ask that God give me the ability to flow in the human bloodstream. God replied, “please”, I’m proud of it until the Day of Resurrection. Most of the people with me on the Day of Judgement.
He said: “O Muhammad, I can not mislead anyone at all, I can only whisper and tease.”

If I can be misleading, will not remain one. As yourself, you can not give guidance at all, you only apostle who convey trust. If you could give guidance, there would be no one disbelieve anything on this earth. You can only be a cause for people who have been determined miserable.
People who are happy are the people who have written happily since the mother’s abdomen.And people who are miserable are miserable people who have written since the mother’s womb.

Prophet Muhammad then read the verse: “they will continue to disagree except those blessed by Allah” (Surah Hud: 118 – 119). Also read, “Verily, Allah provision certainly applies” (Surat al-Ahzab: 38)

Satan then said: “O Messenger of Allah destiny fate has been determined and the pen has dried. Glory to God that make you a leader of the prophets and apostles, leaders of the people of Paradise, and that has made me wretched creatures’ leader and leader of the inhabitants of hell. I’m the wretched displaced. It’s the end that I want to kepadamu.Dan I do not lie. “