Experimenting is permissible, but lest you make the makeup look so 10 years older? upss .. Do not get ah. Here are some mistakes bermake-ups to avoid:

1. Wring Foundation is too thick.
I wish to cover the shortfall kilit texture, but the make who tend to be heavy or thick, is the key to why some people appear older than actual age.

Expert make-up, Chrisanne Davis suggested that using a light foundation and seep. Do not forget to dab with a sponge solid and press-press for the wah that have wrinkles or problems.The thinner the better, because basically, the foundation has a texture that is thick enough to coat.

2. The basic color is too bright.
Foundation color that is paler or lighter than your natural color to accentuate facial lines or wrinkles on the face smooth. Even if you have facial skin that flushed though, you should still use a darker color so as not to seem older.

3. Apply too much concealer on dark circles under the eyes.
The skin under the face will be increasingly depleted with age. Mengamplikasikan concealer, too thick will look like a mask on the face. Brush lightly with a brush. Brush will help blend the color more evenly. And use only in areas that are dark, not a circle around the eye.

4.Bedak sow Uneven
Powder is good for the face that tend to be shiny like the nose and chin. But in other parts of the face, dusting powder can give the impression accentuate wrinkles and make skin look very dry. Also avoid using powder in the eye area.

5. Brushed pink blush on the cheeks
The result can make your cheeks look like a sag / fall. Instead, brush the color of the cheek bone section, and do not get too close to the nose. And greed color with a large brush that can distort the entire cheekbone. Do not want to be a drama queen. eliminate the habit of using such Wanra keungunan, and brownish. The color will also make the face more jackson for the thin and like a clown if you have chubby cheeks.

6. Liquid Lipstick.
Beautiful lines on the lips will disappear with increasing age. So if you use a liquid lipstick will be involved widening and do not form a lip lines.

7.bright colors.
The color is too bright or too dark, or a metallic smell will look thick and solid at the lip line.Replace with the lipstick color-Wanra mild and gentle.

8.Maskara too thick
Mascara is too thick will only make the shadows under the eyes more visible. In general appearance so it looks old. Use a solid color mascara. So that will highlight the color white of the eyeball. The result, the eyes appear more clear and white. And until memuulas clumping mascara with the technique.

Membembingkai 9.Eyeliner the eye become smaller
The focus will be on eye view of the small and also invite attention to your eye dark circles.Forms eyes widened slightly outside the circle of the eye.

10. Bush on eye liner or bershimmer
A little extra shimmer in blush, eye liner or why not. but if used on your entire face and highlight the results will form the fine lines on the face.