Houses Pondok Indah Remember hectic talks in late September 2002 about the disappearance of a handyman fried rice in front of this empty house? This incident so horrendous because in front of the house is just behind the cart fried rice. It was said, the night before missing handyman fried rice fried rice is about to usher ordered by a woman into the house. However, he never came out again. On the history of the house, said whole family homeowner is killed in a robbery-motivated business competition. Since then, many passers-by often to see the incarnation of ghost ghostlike ghostly fathers and women. However, lately there was not much horror incidents reported occurred in this house. Even some time ago, this house was used as a place to spend the night with the homeless. Garden City Langsat, Mayestik Langsat Park is actually a sport and leisure facilities are quite complete. Inside the beautiful trees grow. Just not many people who use this facility. Since the quiet, the park is also a haunted town, especially at night. It is said that at night, residents often saw kuntilanak in the trees in the park Langsat. Houses Potato Prapanca Perhaps, in this house there is a little boy who fell into the cauldron that is being used to boil potatoes. If you’re ‘lucky’ and passes in front of his house, you can smell the aroma of boiled potatoes and heard a child crying. Panorama Train Bintaro On October 19, 1987, train accident that killed hundreds of people near the station Sudimara, Bintaro. In the trajectory itself also has been repeatedly the victim of an accident which took lives. That said, the trajectory is considered haunted because the sound often heard people crying and screaming. Ancol Bridge In 1995, a painter in Ancol visited by a woman who asked painted. When a new artist to draw half of his body, the woman disappeared. Residents believe that she is The Sweet Bridge Ancol. This myth was started decades earlier. In the 60’s when the Ancol area is still a dyke-pond, a boat rower ever met with The Sweet. Women’s boat ride at night ddan pay rowers with leaves. This information was obtained from kostan Simatupang (65), an itinerant photographer in Ancol, a friend of rowers boat earlier. When Klender May 1998 riots, there is one of the shops in the area that was looted and burned Klender mass. These fires cause hundreds of casualties, among them retail employees, visitors, and looters. After the riot, reported many strange events, for example, a mob in front of the public transportation stop shops, when already the road about 100 meters, all public transportation passengers are turned into charred face.Since the mall was built and crowded back in 2000, was no more mystical events in the vicinity. It may also be because people are still honoring and commemorating the day of mourning each May 14. However, according to the narrative of the citizens, if you’re sitting alone next to a phone booth coin shops in the courtyard on Friday night at 1 am, you will be accompanied by another figure near you. Formerly, about 15 bodies could be accommodated before the riot victims were evacuated around the pay phone. Casablanca Tunnel Built above ground cemetery, Casablanca somewhat haunted tunnel. According to some residents of Casablanca, when the demolition of the tomb, there is even a corpse is still intact. From Casablanca tunnel until about a radius of 40 meters thereafter, many accidents are caused not make sense. Usually because a motorist saw a woman or a car suddenly crossed in front of his vehicle, so the driver vehicle suddenly swerved and hit a road divider.According to residents, it’s good when passing through this tunnel, the driver of the vehicle horn to “greet” the inhabitants of the tunnel. Late 90’s, a middle-aged man who hanged himself there with the banners here. Be this place more haunted. Crocodile Hole On 30 September 1965, was found dead six people TNI generals and a lieutenant was buried in the well. Next to the well, there are seven rooms filled with sculpture sculpture inside a replica statue and a voice that tells of torture on the seventh hero earlier. In the next room there were two houses complete with original furnishings. The houses had been called as a command post and the PKI forces soup kitchen. Then, Pancasila Sakti Monument built in honor of the seven heroes of earlier services. Orange TPU Purut In 1986, a guard tomb Orange TPU Purut on guard night and saw a headless priest passed between the graves. Father was carrying his own head and behind him, took a dog. That said, the pastor is “one home”. He looked for his grave is actually in units of TPU Land Christian coachman, while at TPU Jeruk Purut there’s only Muslim units. Sapri Saputra, guard the tomb of the chief priests maimed see it, is still guarding the tomb and is considered Kuncen or elder people in Orange TPU Purut.Testimony of Mr. Sapri is then spread in Jakarta and to this day “The Pastor Head Tank” became a horror legend in Orange Purut. That said, if you want to see this legendary pastor, you should come on Friday night with an odd number (alone or all three). Hospital at Jalan Salemba is said here that the origin of Sister ngesot. Thus, the many cases of sightings that occurred in the hospital buildings are quite old. Testimonial: Secure Parking According to officials who requested anonymity, every night at about 2 am, often there is a knock on the postal entrance located near the funeral home. But when checked, no one. In the ER often heard the sound of the water main, when checked nor is there a nobody. The security guards who watch the night never met the woman. When looking at these figures, they are like enchanted and could not scream or run away until she was through.