Happy or unhappy with their partner, men tend to cheat. So according to a review of psychological researchers. However, when talking about cheating, she was not just the same bengalnya with men, but also more severe. A study conducted recently showed that women more often had an affair than men. Similarly, reported the Daily Telegraph in London. This fact is based on opinion polls that followed more than 3,000 women. Of the 3,000 women, 40 percent admitted to having an affair with another man. Described in detail, as much as 40 percent of women who kiss other people cheating when clubbing, 1 in 4 women “messing around” with co-workers when there was a program office, and a fifth woman admitted to feeling excited (but excited) when the betrayed spouse, and want to do it again. On the other hand, only 30 percent of men (or 3 out of 10 men) who was dating another woman while still having a partner. This study was not scientific because 100 percent is held by a theater in England to create the “fever” in the opening of his latest comedy drama which revolves around infidelity. This poll also set a loose definition of cheating, there are women who only go out with other men is considered cheating. However, some are classified as if had been kissing. Also revealed that “messing around” or flirting is also considered a small business who do it for. You see, the risk of getting caught are minimal pairs (only one-third who had spotted the couple). Ouch! However, the results of this poll for fun beyond belief because it involves new facts about the sexual habits of women.