You and he have been together since long. But somehow, it seems the relationship is stagnant and flat. Because it’s your best friend when looking at the relationship, you wonder why they look so happy and fun? What exactly can change your life becomes more fun in pairs and close?

1. Understand the needs of partner The main reason of divorce or the collapse of the household rather than conflict, communication problems, or physical limitations, but frustrated. Disappointments of everyday life, because it turns out the couple did not like the attitude you would expect, is most likely a relationship destroyer. To spread the frustrations, share your expectations with the him. It could be, your longing for a better partner could be a lean, or couples who prefer pampering and more relaxed, but he’s not doing that. If it does so well, try to communicate the matter to the couple. Be sure to dialogue with your partner every once a year, because of pressure by the pressure that came and went, plus the change in life can create new expectations. Thus you and your partner are able to look inward and ask each other needs.

2. Realize a sense of love The men who get the affirmation of their partner, feel more happy in the relationship. In a sense, when her partner showed attitudes that respect, honor, and love (not just in the mouth), then the man will feel happy. Women often get compliments from friends or strangers who say, “you dress nice!” While men rarely get a compliment like that. Therefore rely on their partner to get the man a compliment. The more you praise it, the more often he will praise you as well.

3. Set aside time Weekly dates indeed is recommended to keep an intimate relationship with a partner. In fact, sometimes all you need is a few minutes alone with the him. Set aside a special time for the him in a day just to talk. No need to talk about things that are too principle, just sharing thoughts is enough. This way, you and he are able to peek at the contents of each individual mind and strengthen the bond of happiness respectively. 4. Focus to the good stuff The best way to make your relationship better not to try to fix what is wrong. While the most effective way to encourage the enjoyment and passion is to add a positive element of your married life. Positive energy that makes us feel good and motivates us to keep going in that direction. Try to weigh your interaction in a pair of scales. If you want to feel happier in a relationship, the positive side you have more weight than the negative side. The deeper you appreciate the love, the sooner you change your relationship into something really great.